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I am K Hari Krishnan from Kallidaikurichi, 11 years old (beginning of 2002) when I started designing and creating this site. I come from a rural agricultural background. My parents are engaged in agricultural activities in their farm, located in sylvan surroundings.


In school, I am going to the eighth standard during academic year 2003/04.  I am proficient in English, Tamil - the main language in school, Hindi the official language of India, Malayalam and Kannada - the languages of Kerala and Karnataka, the neighboring states.


Classical Music, the traditional form of the South Indian classical music - Carnatic, is my main hobby. I started studying music under the tutelage of  Kallidaikurichi Sri S. Ramasubramanian and later on his moving to Chennai, Azhwarkurichi Sri N. Subramanian and Kovilkulam Somasundaram took over.


In music, I do not stop with Carnatic. The rich Tamil culture has its own style and form of classical music called Dhevaram. This has its own raagas called panns and talas and is said to be older to Carnatic form of music. I study Dhevaram from Sri Sengai Soundararajan of Sivanthipuram, a known musician of this style of music form. 


Like any classical music, Indian classical music too is based on strict rules, the raaga (a melodic framework) and on taala (a time measure) controlled by Mridangam, a  percussion instrument (membranophone) of South India and is mainly used in Carnatic concert. I am under the tutelage of Guru Arunachalam of Papanasam.


I have also some acquaintance with instruments like Tabla (a percussion instrument mainly used in Hindustani music), Electronic Keyboard and Violin.


In addition to music, I am a Sempai in Isshinryu Karate (Brown III) and knows a little bit of Silambam. Reading, writing and computers  are other areas of my interests.


Now you must have had a glimpse about me and my interests, in the field of music and culture.


I request you to go through the pages and post your valuable views in the guestbook.













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