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     Q: So, who exactly is the group of losers that made this site?

     A: Just one.  His name is Phil, and he lives in New Jersey.  He would have to be a big admirer of Jim Davis's songs to spend so much time building this site.

     Q: Speaking of that Jim guy, who is he?

     A: Jim Davis is one of the children of Brother and Sister Davis senior.  The family would travel around, preaching and singing.  Brother Jim now resides in Riverdale, California with his wife and six children, where he and his wife are leaders of the Ambassador Youth Choir. 

     Q: How come he writes so many songs?  A lot of time on his hands?

     A: Early on, Brother Jim discovered his God-given talent for playing and writing music, his first song being "While There's Still Time."  Brother Jim is now is in contract with Centergy Music, a music publishing company, which buys some songs that Brother Jim writes.

     Q: Oh, so that's who Centergy Music is!  I saw some songs were copyrighted to them and though that someone sure had a strange name.  Cool.

     A: We suppose.

     Q: What's this HIM thing I keep reading about?  Where I come from, the word "him" is in lowercase.

     A: In 1992, the group at Riverdale Assembly of God decided to have a holiness conference, where they could fellowship with other holiness people.  That's understandable, since Riverdale is a cow town in the middle of nowhere.  It's one of those towns where you blink twice and you're through it.  The original conference was called the Holiness In Music conference, with the main emphasis being on - you guessed it - music.  A few years down the road, the name (and emphasis) was changed to "Holiness In Ministry."

     Q: How come there's no songs for 1995, '96, or '97?

     A: There was no HIM Conference during those years.  You can read more about this in the History section.

     Q: How about 2001?  "He's In the House" was an awesome song.

     A: If there were chord charts made up for 2001, this webmaster never received them.  He hopes to soon receive them so everyone can look at the chords for "He's In the House" and say "Oh, crumbs.  My chords were never like that!"

     Q: What are you, stuck up?

     A: Sorry.  At least there's some humor here.

     Q:  No comment.  Some technical questions now.  How come when I copy and paste the chords for one song onto a text document, all the chords don't come out over the words right?

     A: I copied these songs onto the computer using Microsoft Word for XP Professional.  Any edition of Microsoft Word will work, but don't use WordPad or a normal text document.  If you don't have Microsoft Word, we're sorry, but you'll have to align the chords over the words yourself once you copy and paste.

     Q: A lot of these songs I've never heard before, but I'd like to play them.  Where can I get the CDs or tapes?

     A: You can e-mail him@rivdal.org and request them.  They'll probably send you a brochure where you can get information on getting tapes or CDs.

     Q: How is the HIM Conference?  Is it cool?

     A: This webmaster thinks so.  You can get info on it by going to Riverdale's homepage at www.rivdal.org.  The dates for the conference are on the main page, but the rest of the info there is from last year.  You can e-mail him@rivdal.org (again) to get more info on the conference.

     Q: What about the mass choir?  Who can go in that, or is it only for the elite?

     A: Anyone from high school to the age of 108 can be in the mass choir.  They practice for three days, two hours each.  If you're going to be in the choir, you tell so on your registration info.  If you wrote in intelligible English, they'll send you a tape with a rough recording of the songs.  You can use that to prepare yourself, but a lot of the work takes place at the choir practice sessions.

     Q: What about travel, lodging, and food expenses?  I'm not the Shah. 

     A: Airplane tickets can be purchased at a website such as www.hotwire.com or www.priceline.com, and it is possible to buy round-trip tickets for $200 a piece. 

     The members of Riverdale Assembly of God open up their homes to visitors from the HIM Conference.  In your registration info, you'll have to specify that you'd like lodging, and you'll get set up once you're there.

     Three meals a day are served in the Upper Room.

     Q: Okay, that's all for now, I think.

     A: Alright.  Feel free to e-mail me at Hawkens85@hotmail.com with any other questions.