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Malibooz Rule!

This album, originally released in 1981 on Rhino Records, is the first official Malibooz album (though at least one single had been released prior to it). In 1998, The Pier Group re-released it on compact disc with nine bonus tracks.

Although I enjoy all of the offerings of the Malibooz, this album is by far my favorite. The following is a review that I wrote and posted on The Penguin:

April 03, 2001
Rating: 5 stars (out of five possible)

The Title Says It All...

Malibooz Rule! Just imagine the Beach Boys on a sugar high, and you've got a pretty good idea of what this album is all about. Songs about surfing, cars and girls. Full of great harmonies and infectious tunes, but with a far greater sense of humor than any offerings I've heard from Brian Wilson and company. Just read the song titles and you'll see what I mean. Personal favorites are "The Surfing Ghost," "Honeydew (We Cantaloupe)," and "The Fluorescent Hearse." Also, be sure to check out "(I Won't Be)Too Young," a wonderful song about the teenage desire for independence, featuring a fantastic performance by Lindsey Buckingham. For the best possible listening experience, get this one on CD. The compact disc features nine bonus tracks not found on the original album and are well worth a listen. (You can order it from or This one is sure to make you smile, and you may even begin to refer to yourself as a Surf Bun or Bunny.

Sweet Surf Music
2. (I Won't Be) Too Young (duet with Lindsey Buckingham) - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 625K)
3. The Surfin' Ghost
4. Gonna Hustle You
5. World's Fair Interview 1965
6. Goin' to Malibu
7. The Lonely Surfer
8. Honeydew (We Cantaloupe) - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 604K)
9. The Sun Don't Have to Shine
10. Summertime News
11. 308
12. The Fluorescent Hearse
13. Hot Summer Nights '81

CD Bonus Tracks:
14. Santa's Gone Surfin'
15. Surf Beat '81
16. Surfin' & Drivin' (Are the Only 2 Things I Know)
17. My Baby Came Back On the Last Wave Today - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 623K)
18. Tower 9 (longboard version)(instrumental)
19. Firestorm at Surfrider (longboard version)(instrumental)
20. Tower 9 (shortboard version)(instrumental)
21. Firestorm at Surfrider (shortboard version)(instrumental)
22. Bikini Beach Party Tonight

Album Details:

Rhino Records, 1981
Compact Disc Rerelease: The Pier Group, 1998

Original tracks recorded from March 15 to April 15, 1981 at Mad Dog Studio in Venice, California
Mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys with Duane Scott, Engineer
"Fluorescent Hearse" recorded 1980 with Earle Mankey and Tori Swenson at Sound City

Produced by Walter Egan and John Zambetti
Executive Producer: Greg Lewerke
Engineers: Dusty Wakeman and Mark Avnet
Bonus Track Engineers: Neale Heywood, Michael Nile, Tom Evaniuk, Greg Hilfman, and Scott Monahan

Album Art Direction: Dean O. Torrence, Walter Egan, Roy R. Guzman
CD Art Direction: Jim Rasfeld, John Zambetti
Photography: Scott Smith (cover), Bob Mutascio, John McGowan, Tom Donaldson

The Malibooz are:

John Zambetti: guitar, vocals
Walter Egan: guitar, bass, vocals
Tom "Monte Zuma" Rude: bass, 12-string electric
Scott "Sky Moan" Monahan: keyboards
Lee "Kow-A-Bunga" Kix: drums, percussion
Ted "Tube Steak" Zambetti: drums, percussion

Goin' to Malibu:

Tom "Sparkle Plenty" Scarp: drums
Dennis "Ace" Lopez: bass
Chris "Golden Rule" Murray: vocals

Fluorescent Hearse:

"Gnarly" John Selk: bass
"Kow-A-Bunga" Kix: drums
Skip "Hair Ball" Edwards: keyboards
Loren "Kuk" Newkirk: saxes

Surf Buns and Bunnies: Annie McLoone, Wendy Waldman, Dean Torrence, Janis Cercone, Lindsey Buckingham, Joan McGowan

Additional Musicians:

Frizz Fuller - piano on "Surfin' Ghost"
Monte "X" (Tom Moncrieff)- lead guitar #2 on "Hot Summer Nights '81"
Dave "Bubba" Chamberlain - bass
Alan Morse - guitar
Johnny Zambetti, Jr. - guitar
Bobby "Beach" Donaldson - bass, background vocals
Tommy Donaldson - drums, percussion

Lindsey Buckingham - courtesy (MCI)
Wendy Waldman - courtesy (EPIC)
Dean Torrence - courtesy Kittyhawk Graphics

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