Lyrics - The Lonely Surfer

The Lonely Surfer
(Written by John Zambetti, from 1981's Malibooz Rule!)

I was driving up the beach the other day
Up the Pacific Coast Highway
It was a little past sunset
And I could see it was going to be a full moon
A couple of guys were out there making their last runs of the day
Man, it was tube city! You know, like the Green Cathedral?
So I pulled over to take a look
The waves were a little gnarly, yeah really bitchin’
So I got out and took a walk along the beach
But, you know, I was thinking of you

And as I walked a little further along the shore
I looked up and saw a lonely gull make its way back home
As I kept walking along
I saw a couple getting close, very, very close
By a campfire
And as I looked out across the ocean
I thought about how every day
The tide takes those waves away from the shore
But, just like you my darling, they’ll come back
Yeah, they’ll come back
Back again once more

I am nearly certain that I correctly transcribed these lyrics but I do sometimes make mistakes. If you spot a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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