Lyrics - Sweet Surf Music

Sweet Surf Music
(Written by John Zambetti, from 1981's Malibooz Rule!)

Give me songs about tanned honeys and custom cars
Well my band don't dress like we just got in from Mars
Hurachi sandals, tan Levis, and stripes
And from me you won't get no gripes
When that sweet surf music is rolling through my ears

Take your Gibson Les Paul, your Moog
And your phase shifter too
All that racket well it just gives me the blues
Hand me that old fender Jaguar
And turn my premier reverb up far
And that sweet surf music will be rolling through my ears

With all that heavy metal thunder
I can't hear a single word
And if I did I know they're just singing something absurd
Brian and the Boys always talked like me
So the meaning of their songs came through so clearly
When that sweet surf music was rolling through my ears
Yeah, that sweet surfer music goes rollin' through my ears
When that sweet surfer music goes rollin' through my ear

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