Lyrics - Boundless Love

Boundless Love
(written by Fredro Perry, from 1999's Doin' Time On Planet Earth)

I mourn that morning, honey, when you walked out on me
I miss you now like rivers miss the sea
I need your sweet love darling, like a man needs work and food
'Cause you know my world is empty without you

How many times can I tell you I love you like I do?
How often can I offer to be there?
As often as the sun comes up
As long as there are stars above
That's about the size and timeframe to my boundless love

Now every night I walk the floor still dreaming of your charms
And all the nights I spent there in your arms
I haunt the same old places where we used to go as one
(But) yer shadow's there, and I'm always on the run

No matter what I do I cannot get you off my mind
And I'm not certain that I care to try
'Cause after all you've been to me
The phrase "From sea to shining sea"
Can't begin to clue you in
To my boundless love

The mem'ry of the times we spent together dogs my days
When evening comes and it still ain't done
I'm up and on my way

So tonight at nine, I'm feeling fine and looking good as well
Knockin' back the shots at Bob's Bar and Grill
The mood I'm in is skin on skin, but that don't touch you none
It ain't no use, I'm born to lose you hon...
No one alive could ever hope to touch me like you done
You were the best damn thing I ever had
But after all is said and done
I know you were the one
I'll always love you, no one above you
That's called boundless love

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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