Lyrics - What You Call Love

What You Call Love
(written Fredro Perry and Walter Egan, from 2002's Dodging Bullets)

Every night and ever day
I'm going out 'cause I want to play
I've had enough of what you call love
Whoah whoah baby, why you make it so rough?

Leave me baby, leave me alone
Pack up your things and just go on home
You're not the one that I'm thinking of
I've had enough of what you call love

Lyin' in bed out of my head
I can't believe the things that you said
Once you were nice now you're like ice
Thinkin' 'bout you baby makes me want to think twice

Take all the pain the heartache and such
What you call love and just put it up
I think you'll see you will agree
We'll both be happier without me

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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