Lyrics - The Gift

The Gift
(written and performed by Brian Waldschlager, from 2002's Dodging Bullets)

They capsize your ship
When you'd planned to do no swimming
Givin' you the what-for to see if you were willin'
Well the rockin' chair stays warm
When you hurdle the eye of that storm
With nobody else just you and intuition

They towed your car from downtown
Didn't like the way you had the thing sittin'
And the ticket for the violation is now being written
Took all you had for the impounding
If the rent gets paid it'll be astounding
Think you oughtta try to rely on intuition

Intuition is a gift from God and it's a wonderful thing
Intuition, Lord the benefits that it brings
Kinda hard to tune in all the time don't you know
That's when you settle down ear to the ground
And let it flow

We all cop an attitude
We say, "What's there to give that ain't already been given?"
Eight hours a day for the boss man just ain't livin'
The whole song ain't been sung
Keep your torch lit and well hung
Stick it out, stay in tune to your intuition

She packed it all in a U-haul truck
While you were on the lake fishin'
And split with a broker from Frisco without your permission
The note said "So long, Hon'
We never lost, we just never won
So I just couldn't see stickin' it out on your intuition"

If you lose your cool you come back inside
Still a chance for you to catch that ride
Pick youself up, you know what to do
No time to squalor in the chicken stew

You lost your sense of direction now
Still somehow you could envision
A more suitable way to pursue your ambitions
Your heart continued its yearnin'
So you got the wheels a turnin'
That's following through on faith and intuition

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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