Lyrics - I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong
(written by Fredro Perry and Walter Egan, from 2002's Dodging Bullets)

I was wrong when I thought I was wrong
Now Iím lying here without you, tryna tell myself Iím strong
We're apart, you broke my heart
Now Iím right every night and thatís when the teardrops start

You were good, when you were bad
If there was something I could do to keep you
Lord you know I wish I had
I was wrong, but now youíre gone
Now Iím wrong when Iím right
And Iím right back where I belong

Wrong, wrong, wrong
Gone, gone, gone

Whatís so good about goodbye?
When youíre all by yourself
Dryiní the tears from yer eyes
Now Iím fine, Iíve done my time
And Iím moving on without you
just a-tryna get my heart in line
I was wrong when I said I was wrong
But honey now Iím fine

Lyrics taken from cd insert.

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