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Released March 2006 on Wild Oats Records.

Being a relative newcomer to Gail Lloyd's music, I have only last year's Dare To Be Different to use for purposes of comparison, but I must say that this striking new release is a vast improvement on what I've heard before. Although Gail's usual rockabilly/country sound is still very much present on this release, the majority of the music is very much a departure from that.

Gail describes the album as being full of "soul-searching, tormented songwritery stuff" and that's a pretty accurate description. Gone are the fun and catchy but silly lyrics like "We're rockabilly robots from outerspace; We're coming down to party With the human race" heard on Dare to Be Different. Instead we hear the offerings of a mature and accomplished songwriter, or rather, team of songwriters. Taking a cue from the genius of Walter Egan's 1999 solo release Walternative, Gail co-wrote four of the album's songs with Egan (and recorded "Rockabilly Girl," a Walter Egan original), opted to share production duties with him and allowed him to play a large share of the instruments. Also in keeping with the example set by Walternative is the eclectic mix of musical styles - "swingin'roots rockin' jump blues," country rock, alternative, and even latin sounds.

The result is an album that, like Egan's Walternative, is truly a treat for the ears. Personal favorites are "I Don't Wanna," "Man of a Thousand Souls" (though I can't decide which version I prefer, both are absolutely stunning) and "Hot Summer Lily."

What Has the World Done To You
2. Goin' Down the Road
3. I Don't Wanna - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 minute long, 281K)
4. Let It Be Me (Shut Up and Listen)
5. Hot Summer Lily - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 minute long, 244K)
6. Man Of A Thousand Souls - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 minute long, 236K)
7. Circle in the Sand
8. Same Thing Only Different
9. Rockabilly Girl
10. To Higher Ground
11. Last Farewell
12. Rise Again/Man Of A Thousand Souls (instrumental version)

Album Details:

2006, Wild Oats Records

Produced by Walter Egan and Gail Lloyd ("Rise Again" produced by Steve Haggard)
Recorded by Randall Merryman
Graphic Design: Seven Oaks Graphics, Nashville

Songs 1 through 11:
Gail Lloyd: all lead vocals, backing vocals on track 7
Walter Egan: all acoustic, electric guitars and bass, keyboards on tracks 1 and 11, backing vocals on tracks 1, 3, 9, 10, and 11.
Ron Krasinski: all percussion
Steve Haggard: harmonica on tracks 5, 8 and 10, backing coals on trak 5.
Chris James: keyboards on tracks 4, 8 and 10
David Russell: violin on track 3, mandolin on track 5

Song 12:
Gail Lloyd: vocals
Steve Haggard: vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
John Kearns: acoustic guitar

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