Discography - Gail and the Tricksters

Gail and Tricksters are a Nashville rockabilly band that was started a few years ago by lead singer Gail Lloyd. All Tricked Out, their six track debut album, was released in 2001. In 2002, The Tricksters teamed up with Rockabilly Hall of Famer Frank "Andy" Starr and recorded three of the tracks for Starr Struck. This would prove to be Starr's last recording.

The band has had its share of personnel changes and it wasn't until a few years after their conception that Gail and the band made the change that made them relevant to this website. That was when Walter Egan joined their ranks as lead guitarist, taking over from previous axe man Bart Weilburg, and was with them for the recording of 2005's Dare to Be Different.

In 2006, Gail released Circles, her debut solo album. For this record, Gail teamed up with Walter Egan as both producer and songwriter. Walter also provided vocals and "transcendant layering of guitar" for the album.


All Tricked Out (2001)

Starr Struck (with Frank "Andy" Starr and The Haywoods) (2002)

Dare to Be Different (2005)

Gail Lloyd solo:

Circles (2006)

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