Lyrics - Hot Summer Lily

Hot Summer Lily
(written by Gail Lloyd and Steve Haggard, from 2006's Circles)

In the heat of summer
When flowers fear to grow
There's one a-bloomin'
That's never bloomed before
Out in the garden
Growin' wild and free
A big summer lily
And she's a sight to see

Hot summer lily
Flower so fair
And with your beauty
None can compare
Nature's firey furnace
You've made your home
In the parched summer soil
You thrive alone

Rarer than an orchid
Wilder than a rose
She waves to me
Everytime the wind blows
Pretty as a picture
Standin' straight and tall
Simple country beauty
The fairest of them all

Hot summer lily
Flame of my heart
I fell for you
Right from the start
You're somethin' special
You mean the world to me
Oh hot summer lily
Sweet mystery

Oh when August's over
You'll have to go
Through the long seasons
I'll miss you so
But I know come summer
You'll reappear
Oh hot summer lily
I'll see you next year
Hot summer lily
Maybe next year

I am nearly certain that I have correctly transcribed these lyrics. I listen to each song many times and write down what I hear but there are often lines that I struggle to understand. If you see a mistake and know the correct lyric, please feel free to email me. (

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