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These are just miscellaneous photos that really dont have a place on other pages. Some I found when going through stacks of older photos, and others are just things I wanted to share that aren't really part of the other events posted here. They're in no kind of order, and the older ones are scanned photos, so some of them may not be the greatest quality, but I wanted to share anyway. I've also provided links to some of my pics that are featured on other sites, including a site that I had prior to this one that I used to learn how to build a site.


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I've been playing with photoshop a bit on these five pics. Let me know what you think.

Anthony Smith
FloraBama Lounge
Nov 2002

Jimbeau Hinson
Barefoot Bar
November 2003

Jeffrey Steele & Bob DiPiero
Barefoot Bar
November 2003

Jeffrey Steele
Barefoot Bar
Nov 2003

Jeffrey Steele
Barefoot Bar
Nov 2003

Tony Mullins
Bluebird Cafe
Nov 2003

Marc-Alan & Paula
The Trap
April 2004

Ray, Jimbeau,
Ken, Barry
Swallow at the Hollow
Dec 2003

Ken, Barry, Marc-Alan
The Trap
April 2004

View photos from a three day event in Clarksville, TN on Jimbeau Hinson's site.
Artists include: The Oak Ridge Boys, Jimbeau Hinson, Ray Herndon, Somerville, Jeffrey Steele, Marc-Alan Barnette, Greg Crowe, and more!
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