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Songwriterville is a friendly community where you can find out about all of my favorite songwriters.

Pull up a chair and stay a while...........

A Little Info About This Site

This is a site to showcase some of today's most unsung heros, the songwriters. Almost two years ago I began attending writer's shows (the first one quite by accident), not only in Nashville, but at other venues around the southeast. I quickly ran into a roadblock when trying to get information about the writers ..... and have recently set up this site in an effort to make others more aware of the hard work and talent of these extraordinary people.

Take your time and browse around. I've included pictures and comments from most of the shows I have attended. This is a constant "work in progress" as I am going to shows almost every weekend. I am beginning by adding the most recent trips first, and will add others as quickly as I can. Lately I am attending so many shows that I just cannot seem to get caught up on adding them to the site. Please be patient with me.

The writers I've showcased here are primarily the ones that I have gotten the chance to know and I love to follow them from venue to venue to support them. There are hundreds of talented writers out there that I have yet to meet. Please support the writers whenever you can; they are the backbone of the music industry.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
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