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2004 Events
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Dec 16, 2004

Ray Herndon

Douglas Corner Cafe`
Nashville, TN

Dec 3, 2004

Jeffrey Steele

Gibson Showcase Theater
Nashville, TN

Nov 27, 2004

Tom Hambridge

Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN

Nov 27, 2004

Jeffrey Steele

Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN

Oct 23, 2004

Eric Heatherly

Sante Fe, TN

Oct 22, 2004

Wayland Patton, Don Henry
Moonlight Music Cafe`
Birmingham, AL

Oct 16, 2003

Alex Call, Wood Newton, Pat Alger,
Bat McGrath, Barry & Holly Tashian

Friends of Pegram Park
Pegram, TN

Oct 13, 2004

Billy Ray Cyrus, Wayland Patton,
Eric Heatherly, Susan Haynes

Bluebird Cafe`

"The Tour"

Sept 11-14, 2004

Four days on the road with Jeffrey Steele and band,
Jimbeau Hinson, Somerville and more!

Day One
Sept 11, 2004

Gatewood Park - Cartersville, GA
Day Two
Sept 12, 2004

Main Street - Batavia, OH
Day Three
Sept 13, 2004

Blues Station - Columbus, OH
CD Release Party
Sept 14, 2004

Exit/In - Nashville, TN

Sept 3, 2004

Jeffrey Steele

Bluebird Cafe, Nashville TN

Aug 21, 2004

Bob DiPiero, Anthony Smith, Rivers Rutherford

Swallow at the Hollow - Roswell, GA

Aug 13, 2004

Jeffrey Steele
Opener: Jamey Garner
Special Guest: Bob DiPiero

3rd & Lindsley - Nashville, TN

July 16, 2004

(Marc-Alan Barnett's Birthday Bash)

Hobo Joe's - Nashville, TN

June 25, 2004

Jeffrey Steele visits my hometown of Columbiana, AL.

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