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A Visitor's Guide To

Little Big Town

Formed in 1998, Little Big Town consists of Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook. Kimberly and Karen met in 1987 while attending Samford University in Alabama. They eventually moved to Nashville and started singing together. Jimi and Phillip were added to the mix in 1998.

In 1999, the group signed with Mercury Nashville Records. Creative differences caused a split from the label a few months later with no singles or albums being released. In 2002, the group signed with Monument Records and began the process of writing songs and co-producing their debut album. The self-titled album was released on May 26, 2002. The debut single from that album, "Dont Waste My Time", got more than forty country radio adds before its official add date of March 18. It wasn't long before the group exited Monument when the label's Nashville branch was dissolved.

In 2004, they signed with Equity Music Group, a label started and partially owned by Clint Black. They released a second album on October 4, 2005 entitled "The Road To Here". Four singles from that album entered into the top twenty on the Billboard country charts. By late 2006, the album had reached platinum status. A third album, "A Place To Land", was released on November 6, 2007. One single was released before it was announced on April 23, 2008 that the group was leaving Equity for Capitol Nashville. Capitol re-released "A Place To Land" in October 2008 with four bonus tracks. In 2009, the group started its first headlining tour in Jacksonville, Florida. The tour ran from January through April.

Little Big Town's sound is like a breath of fresh air compared to all of Nashville's cookie-cutter artists on the country music scene today. Their sound and style of country is so different from anyone else's. Their beautiful harmonies are what put them over the top. This is especially apparent at their live shows. Their harmonies are always front and center, never being overshadowed by a flashy production or too much instrumentation. Little Big Town never fails to leave their audiences spellbound and begging for more.

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