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Calling All Television Networks... The viewers are speaking!

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Our Thoughts On The Matter

It came to me as just a stray thought, a Phantom of the Opera television series. I know Beauty & The Beast had one for awhile, but what of Erik, O.G., Phantom? There are so many ways they could do it that could potentially do quite well, whether working of Webber's version of the story or Leroux's.

What about doing something similar to 24's format? Each weekly episode could show one day of the story's events. Or each episode could tell the story through the eyes of one specific character (i.e. Week 1: Christine; Week 2: Mme. Giry; Week 3: Raoul; Week 4: Persian; etc, saving Phantom for the very end). If things perhaps didn't quite fill out the full season, full episodes could be dedicated to behind the scenes stuff, history, effects, etc.

When I first saw this poll, I voted 'maybe'; but then I saw your little comment, and I'm starting to like the idea more and more. I think it would be awesome! Especially the one about seeing the events from different peoples' points of view, though I don't think just an hour would cover one person. I also like the 'one day at a time' thing, it might be a little more reasonable. Of course, the only way I would end up watching it is if Christine wasn't blonde...I don't know why, but the book version of her just irritated me. So, I change my vote. Can I do that? Or is it just like cancelling out my other vote?

I cannot change voting results on the poll. You are free to re-vote to show your changed opinion, however. ---Empy

That's a great idea! A Phanton t.v show would be great. (I do hope it will be aired too here in the Philippines)
duh whoever doesnt wach the ghost is a scaredy cat
Waiting for the french TV production of "Phantom of the Opera" with Jeremy Irons in the leading role :-) Pat
hu wudnt want a phantom tv show! just give me a time and day and ill watch it. i think itd b kool 2 have a couple episodes of what happened before the story starts and a couple episodes showing what happened afterwards. ~christine to be<3
Phantom on TV?? Yes, Yes, and YES! As long as it didnt get in the way of Lost....oh forget Lost, we'd have Erik!!! Just...please exclude Crawford & Brightman from the picture..please