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Favorite Quotes

Submitted by: christines horror of raols love to her
"Oh, unhappy man!" moaned the girl, showing every sign of unspeakable terror. "Unhappy man!Do you want to be killed?"
raoul uttered this word "prehaps" with so much love and despair that she could not keep back a sob. she took his hands and looked at him with all the pure affection of which she was capable.
--Raoul and christine

Submitted by: Aria Hollingsworth
"Obession... jealousy... rage
The dark side of love."
--Gaston Leroux

Submitted by: Cassandra
"You've been here for twenty-four hours," he said, "and you're annoying me. I tell you, all this will end very badly. And you will have brought it upon yourself; for I have been extraordinarily patient with you. You think you are following me, you great booby, whereas it's I who am following you; and I know all that you know about me, here. I spared you yesterday, in MY COMMUNISTS' ROAD; but I warn you, seriously, don't let me catch you there again! Upon my word, you don't seem able to take a hint!"

Submitted by: Erik's Protege
"...all the grief in the world seemed to be distilled through those soft vibrant notes. It was as though the devil himself wept teardrops of pure sound."
--Susan Kay's novel?

Submitted by: Laura
"Are you so sure a small jar would contain me, Madam?"

Submitted by: Brooke
"Christine, you must love me!"
"How can you talk like that, Erik, when all I do is sing for you!"

Submitted by: Katie Martin
"You are afraid of me and I am not really wicked.Love me and you shall see!...If you loved me i would be as gentle as a lamb, and you could do anything with me that you pleased."
~The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux

Submitted by: Heather C.
"Erik, I swear that you are the most unhappy and sublime of men, and if ever again I should shudder when I look at you, it is because I am thinking of the splendour of your genius!"

Submitted by: Empy

Submitted by: Empy
'The Opera ghost really existed.'
--Gaston Leroux

Submitted by: Valdyrwhisper
"Yes Daroga... I felt her tears on my forehead... on mine, mine!... They were soft... they were sweet!... They trickled down under my mask... they mingled with my tears in my eyes... they floated between my lips... Listen, daroga, listen to what I did... I tore off my mask so as to not lose one of her tears... and she did not run away!... And she did not die!...She remained alive, weeping over me, with me. We cried together! I have tasted all the happiness the world can offer!"
--Poor, unhappy Erik

Submitted by: carlymichellexoxox
His Don Juan Triumphant seemed to me at first one long, awful, magnificent sob. But, little by little, it expressed every emotion, every suffering of which mankind is capable. It intoxicated me; and I opened the door which separated us. Erik rose as I entered, but dared not turn my direction. “Erik,” I cried, “Show me your face without fear! I swear that you are the most unhappy and sublime of men; and, if ever again I shiver when I look at you, it will be because I am thinking of your genius!” ~Christine Phantom Of The Opera Chapter 12, pg. 173
--Christine Daae

Submitted by: carlymichellexoxox
"Poor unhappy Erik! Shall we pity him? Shall we curse him? He asked only to be "some one", like everyone else. But he was too ugly! And he had to hide his genius or use it to play tricks with, when, with an ordinary face, he would have been one of the most distingueshed of mankind! He had a heart that could have held the empire of the world; and, in the end, he had to contempt himself with a cellar. Ah, yes, we must pity the Opera Ghost. I have prayed over his mortal remains, tht God might show him mercy nonwithstanding his crimes. Yes, I am sure, quite sure that i prayed beside his body, the other day, when they took it from the spot where they were burying the phonoraphic records. It was his skeleton. I did not recongnize it by the ugliness of its head, for all men are ugly when they have been dead as long as that, but by the plain gold ring which he wore and which Christine Daae had certainly slipped on his finger, when she came to burry him in acordance with her promise.. And now, what do they mean to do with that seleton? Surely they will not bury it in a common grave!...I say that the place of the Skeleton of the Opera Ghost isin the archives of the Nation Acadamy Of Music. It is no ordinary skeleton." Pg. 348-349 ~(Epilouge)
--Gaston Leroux

Submitted by: Empy
"Don’t touch me! I am Red Death stalking abroad!”
--Erik (Red Death costume)