2016 Skid's Fantasy Camp Game at Citi

Playing Baseball on Citi Field! This was my second time being able to play baseball on Citi Field. First I got dressed in my blue road jersey inside the visitor's clubhouse, then entered the field through the visitor's dugout. It's an awesome feeling climbing up the stairs and onto the field. As I wandered out toward center field, I looked around at the empty stadium, realizing just how huge it is when you are standing in the middle of the outfield.

We played some catch in the outfield to warm up, then the group was led through some stretching exercises. The weather was perfect with a slight cool breeze blowing across the field. Everyone got a turn in the batting practice cage. Before my turn I looked for a bat and found one with "Eric Campbell" on it and quickly passed it over for a unnamed bat. Of the dozen pitches I hit only one good but having not swung a bat since January I wasn't surprised.

Taking BP

Playing of the National Anthem

My only at bat of the day

A nice single to center field

Playing LF behind Jim Breuer Phil Forman