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Alan Jackson Cursors

Instructions on how to change your mouse pointer:

1. Select a picture below that you would like to change your mouse pointer to.

2. Right click on the picture and click "Copy".

3. Right click and "Paste" it into your C:/Windows/Cursors folder.

Note: You can save it under a different folder if you want. Just remember where you save it.

4. Click on "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", "Mouse", and then "Pointers".

5. Click "Browse" to select the cursor you want to select.
It should automatically take you to the Windows/Cursor folder.
If you saved it in a different folder, then you need to click on that folder.
Make sure you select "Files of type: (All Files)".

6. Click on the desired mouse pointer and then click "Open", "Apply" and "Ok".

That's all there is to it. Enjoy and have a great day!

Email me at if you have any questions

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