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Alan's Discography:

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1. Love Sick Blues
2. Chattahoochee
3. Murder On Music Row
4. Blues Man
5. Jambalaya
6. Don't Rock The Jukebox

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Freight Train:
Released: 03/31/2010

Freight Train

1. Hard Hat and A Hammer
2. Every Now and Then
3. After 17
4. It's Just That Way
5. Freight Train
6. Taillights Blue
7. I Could Get Used To This Lovin' Thing
8. Till The End
9. That's Where I Belong
10. Big Green Eyes
11. True Love Is A Golden Ring
12. The Best Keeps Getting Better

Good Time:
Released: 03/04/2008

Good Time

1. Good Time
2. Small Town Southern Man
3. I Wish I Could Back Up
4. Country Boy
5. Right Where I Want You
6. 1976
7. When The Love Factor's High
8. Long Long Way
9. Sissy's Song
10. I Still Like Bologna
11. Never Loved Before (with Martina McBride)
12. Nothing Left To Do
13. Listen To Your Senses
14. This Time
15. Laid Back'n Low Key (Cay)
16. If You Want To Make Me Happy
17. If Jesus Walked The World Today
Click Small Town Southern Man for lyrics to Alan's new song. I LOVE IT!!

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Like Red On A Rose:
Released: 09/26/2006

Like Red On A Rose

1. Anywhere on Earth You Are
2. Good Imitation Of The Blues
3. Like Red On A Rose
4. Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy
5. Don't Change On Me
6. The Firefly's Song
7. Wait A Minute
8. Had It Not Been You
9. A Woman’s Love
10. Don't Ask Why
11. As Lovely As You
12. Where Do I Go From Here
13. Bluebird

Precious Memories:
Released: 02/28/2006

Precious Memories

1. Blessed Assurance
2. Softly and Tenderly
3. I Love To Tell The Story
4. When We All Get To Heaven
5. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust n Jesus
6. In The Garden
7. Are You Washed In The Blood?
8. I'll Fly Away
9. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
10. Standing On The Promises
11. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
12. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
13. The Old Rugged Cross
14. How Great Thou Art
15. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

Click Precious Memories Player to listen to some of the songs.

The Very Best Of Alan Jackson:
Released: 09/21/2004

The Very Best Of Alan Jackson

1. Gone Country
2. Drive
3. Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning
4. www.memory
5. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
6. Chattahoochee [Extended Mix]
7. She's Got the Rhythm (And I Got the Blues)
8. Midnight in Montgomery
9. Little Man
10. Pop A Top
11. Don't Rock The Jukebox
12. Little Bitty
13. Here In The Real World
14. Livin' On Love
15. Who's Cheatin' Who
16. Tall, Tall Trees
17. Right On The Money
18. Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
19. It Must Be Love
20. Everything I Love

What I Do:
Released: September 7, 2004

What I Do

1. Too Much Of A Good Thing
2. Rainy Day in June
3. USA Today
4. If Love Was A River
5. If French Fries Were Fat Free
6. You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture
7. There Ya Go
8. The Talkin' Song Repair Blues
9. Strong Enough
10. Monday Morning Church
11. Burnin' The Honky Tonks Down
12. To Do What I Do

Greatest Hits Volume II:
Released: August 12, 2003

Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits Volume II

Disc 1:
1. Little Bitty
2. Everything I Love
3. Who's Cheatin Who
4. There Goes
5. I'll Go On Loving You
6. Right On The Money
7. Gone Crazy
8. Little Man
9. Pop A Top
10. Blues Man, The
11. It Must Be Love
12. WWW.memory
13. When Somebody Loves You
14. Where I Come From
15. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)
16. Drive (for Daddy Gene)
17. It's Five O'clock Somewhere
18. Remember When

Disc 2:
1. Job Description
2. Tropical Depression
3. Let's Get Back To Me and You
4. You Can't Give Up On Love
5. Hole In The Wall
6. Buicks to the Moon
7. When Love Comes Around
8. The Sounds

Let It Be Christmas:
Released: 11/05/2002

Alan Jackson's Christmas Album: Let It Be Christmas

1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2. Winter Wonderland
3. O Come, All Ye Faithful
4. Santa Clause Is Comin' to Town
5. Christmas Song
6. Silent Night
7. Let It Be Christmas
8. Jingle Bells
9. White Christmas
10. Silver Bells
11. Away in a Manger

Released: 01/15/2002

Alan Jackson's Album: Drive

1. Drive (For Daddy Gene)
2. A Little Bluer Than That
3. Bring On The Night
4. Work In Progress
5. The Sounds
6. Designated Drinker (A duet with George Strait)
7. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)
8. That'd Be Alright
9. Once In A Lifetime Love
10. When Love Comes Around
11. I Slipped And Fell In Love
12. First Love
13. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)

When Somebody Loves You:
Released: 11/07/2000

Alan Jackson's Album: When Somebody Loves You

1. Meat And Potato Man
2. When Somebody Loves You
3. The Thrill Is Back
4. WWW.Memory
5. Where I Come From
6. I Still Love You
7. Life Or Love
8. A Love Like That
9. It's Alright To Be A Redneck
10. Maybe I Should Stay Here
11. Three Minute Postive Not Too Country Up-tempo Love Song

Under The Influence:
Released: 10/26/1999

Alan Jackson's Album: Under The Influence

1. Pop A Top
2. Farewell Party
3. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
4. Right In The Palm Of Your Hand
5. The Blues Man (A Tribute To Hank Williams, Jr.)
6. Revenooer Man
7. My Kind Of Hat
8. She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs
9. The Way I Am
10. Once You've Had The Best
11. Margaritaville (with Jimmy Buffet)

High Mileage:
Released: 09-01-1998

Alan Jackson's Album: High Mileage

1. Right On The Money
2. Gone Crazy
3. Little Man
4. What A Day Yesterday Was
5. Hurtin' Comes Easy
6. I'll Go On Loving You
7. Another Good Reason
8. A Woman's Love
9. Dancin' All Around It
10. Amarillo

Everything I Love:
Released: 10-29-1996

Alan Jackson's Album: Everything I Love

1. Little Bitty
2. Everything I Love
3. Buicks To The Moon
4. Between The Devil And Me
5. There Goes
6. A House With No Curtains
7. Who's Cheatin' Who
8. Walk On The Rocks
9. Must've Had A Ball
10. It's Time You Learned About Good-Bye

The Greatest Hits Collection:
Released: 10-24-1995

Alan Jackson's Album: The Greatest Hits Collection

1. Chattahoochee
2. Gone Country
3. She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)
4. Midnight In Montgomery
5. Tall, Tall Trees
6. Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
7. I'll Try
8. Don't Rock The Jukebox
9. Livin' On Love
10. Summertime Blues
11. Love's Got A Hold On You
12. (Who Says) You Can't Have It All
13. Home
14. Wanted
15. I Don't Even Know Your Name
16. Dallas
17. Here In The Real World
18. Someday
19. Mercury Blues
20. I'd Love You All Over Again

Who I Am:
Released: 06-28-1994

Alan Jackson's Album: Who I Am

1. Summertime Blues
2. Livin' On Love
3. Hole In The Wall
4. Gone Country
5. Who I Am
6. You Can't Give Up On Love
7. I Don't Even Know Your Name
8. Song For The Life
9. Thank God For The Radio
10. All American Country Boy
11. Job Description
12. If I Had You
13. Let's Get Back To Me And You

Honky Tonk Christmas:
Released: 10-12-1993

Alan Jackson's Album: Honky Tonk Christmas

1. Honky Tonk Christmas
2. The Angels Cried
3. If We Make It Through December
4. If You Don't Wanna See Santa Claus Cry
5. I Only Want You For Christmas
6. Merry Christmas To Me
7. A Holly Jolly Christmas
8. There's A New Kid In Town
9. Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck
10. Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)

A Lot About Livin' And
A Little 'Bout Love:

Released: 10-09-1992

Alan Jackson's Album: A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love

1. Chattahoochee
2. She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)
3. Tonight I Climbed The Wall
4. I Don't Need The Booze (To Get A Buzz On)
5. (Who Says) You Can't Have It All
6. Up To My Ears In Tears
7. Tropical Depression
8. She Likes It Too
9. If It Ain't One Thing (It's You)
10. Mercury Blues

Don't Rock The Jukebox:
Released: 05-14-1991

Alan Jackson's Album: Don't Rock The Jukebox

1. Don't Rock The Jukebox
2. That's All I Need To Know
3. Dallas
4. Midnight In Montgomery
5. Love's Got A Hold On You
6. Someday
7. Just Playin' Possum
8. From A Distance
9. Walkin' The Floor Over Me
10. Working Class Hero

Here In The Real World:
Released: 02-27-1990

Alan Jackson's Album: Here In The Real World

1. Ace Of Hearts
2. Here In The Real World
3. Blue Blooded Woman
4. Wanted
5. Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
6. She Don't Get The Blues
7. I'd Love You All Over Again
8. Dog River Blues
9. Home
10. Short Sweet Ride

Alan Jackson:
New Traditional

Released: 1987

Alan's New Traditional album

1. Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At All
2. Just Forget It, Son
3. Merle And George
4. Don't Touch Me
5. Break Out The Good Stuff
6. The Steal Of The Night
7. When The Cat Goes Out
8. I Couldn't Care More
9. They Call Me A Playboy
10. W. Lee O'Daniel And The Light Crust Dough Boys
11. You're Not Drinkin' Enough
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Other albums that Alan has recorded on:

Brad Paisley:
Time Well Wasted

Released: August 16, 2005

1. The World
2. Alcohol
3. Waitin’ On A Woman
4. I’ll Take You Back
5. She’s Everything
6. You Need A Man Around Here
7. Out In The Parkin’ Lot (with Alan Jackson)
8. Rainin’ You
9. Flowers
10. Love Is Never-Ending
11. The Uncloudy Day
12. When I Get Where I’m Going (Featuring Dolly Parton)
13. Easy Money
14. Time Warp
15. Time Well Wasted
16. Cornography (featuring James Burton & the Kung Pao Buckaroos)

The Wrights:
Down This Road

Released: May 3, 2005

Click here to check out their website!

1. Down This Road
2. Hard Time
3. Know All Along
4. On the Rocks
5. Hole in My Pocket
6. Butterflies
7. You're in Georgia Now
8. Roller Coaster
9. Do You Love Me
10. Leave a Light On (with Alan Jackson)
11. Waiting on Something Good
12. You Got the Thorns

The Bellamy Brothers:
Angels & Outlaws, Vol. 1

Released: March 29, 2005

1. You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie -- w/Alan Jackson
2. Old Hippie -- w/Montgomery Gentry
3. Let Your Love Flow -- w/Hal Ketchum & Lisa Brokop
4. Guardian Angel -- w/Willie Nelson
5. If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body -- w/Dolly Parton
6. Redneck Girl -- w/Pat Green
7. Dancin' Cowboys -- w/Trini Triggs
8. Sugar Daddy -- w/George Jones
9. Crazy from the Heat --
w/Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson & Rhonda Vincent
10. Get into Reggae Cowboy -- w/Tanya Tucker & David Allan Coe
11. Kids of the Baby Boom -- w/Charlie Daniels & Bobby Bare
12. Alligator Alley -- w/John Anderson

Jimmy Buffett:
License To Chill

Released: July 13, 2004

1. Hey Good Lookin'
(with Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson,
Toby Keith and George Strait)
2. Boats To Build (with Alan Jackson)
3. License To Chill (with Kenny Chesney)
4. Coast Of Carolina
5. Piece Of Work (with Toby Keith)
6. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
7. Trip Around The Sun (with Martina McBride)
8. Simply Complicated
9. Coastal Confessions
10. Sea Of Heartbreak (with George Strait)
11. Conky Tonkin' (with Clint Black)
12. Playin' The Loser Again (with Bill Withers)
13. Window On The World
14. Someone I Used To Love (with Nanci Griffith)
15. Scarlet Begonias
16. Back To The Island

A Very Special Acoustic Christmas:
Released: October 21, 2003

A Very Special Acoustic Christmas

1. "Silent Night" by Reba McEntire
2. "Frosty the Snowman" by Dan Tyminski
3. "Please Come Home for Christmas" by Willie Nelson
4. Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair
5. "Only You Can Bring Me Cheer (Gentleman's Lady)" by Alison Krauss
6. "Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues" by Marty Stuart
7. "Jingle Bells" by Earl Scruggs
8. "Christmas is Near" by Ralph Stanley
9. "O Come All Ye Faithful" by Patti Loveless
10. "O Holy Night" by Wynonna
11. "Winter Wonderland" by Pat Green
12. "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!" by Sam Bush
13. "Away in a Manger" by Ricky Skaggs
14. "Christmas Time at Home" by Rhonda Vincent
15. "I'll be Home for Christmas" by Tift Merritt
16. "Peace" by Norah Jones

Jeannie Kendall
Released: March 2003

1. That's What Your Love Does To Me
2. Love Chooses You
3. Timeless And True Love (with Alan Jackson )
4. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
5. Old Friends
6. Smoky Lonesome
7. Just A Memory
8. Train Of Thought
9. Wishing Well Blues
10. The Color Of Her Eyes
11. Serious Doubt
12. Jack And Lucy

ZZ Top:
Sharped Dressed Men

Released: 04/30/2002

1. Lonestar - Gimme All Your Lovin'
2. Brad Paisley - Sharp Dressed Man
3. Hank Williams, Jr. -
Jesus Just Left Chicago/Waitin' For the Bus
4. Tracy Byrd - La Grange
5. Brooks & Dunn - Rough Boy
6. Dwight Yoakam - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
7. Willie Nelson - She Loves My Automobile
8. Andy Griggs - I Need You Tonight
9. The Warren Brothers - Cheap Sunglasses
10. Trace Adkins - Legs
11. Kenny Chesney - Tush
12. Montgomery Gentry - Just Got Paid
13. Phil Vassar - I Thank You
14. Hank Williams III - Fearless Boogie
15. Alan Jackson - Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell

George Strait:
Latest Greatest Straitest Hits

Released: 03/07/2000

George Strait's Album: Latest Greatest Straitest Hits

1. The Best Day
2. Murder On Music Row - with Alan Jackson
3. Carrying Your Love With Me
4. Adalida
5. Lead On
6. Carried Away
7. Blue Clear Sky
8. We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This
9. I Can Still Make Cheyenne
10. True
11. King Of The Mountain
12. Round About Way
13. You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody
14. One Night At A Time
15. Today My World Slipped Away

Leonardo: Tempo
Released: 1999

Alan Jackson sings 'My Shout Of Love' with Leonardo

1. Incerteza
2. Meu Grito De Amor (My Shout Of Love) - with Alan Jackson
3. Mentira Que Virou Paixão
4. Boto Pra Remexer
5. Será
6. Só O Tempo Vai Dizer
7. Dez Segundos Pra Dizer Adeus
8. Eu Vou Dar Um Tempo
9. Sai Tentação
10. Nunca Mais
11. 120…150…200Km Por Hora
12. Namoro Novo
13. Mano
14. Não Quero Mais Ficar Sozinho
15. Na Curva Da Estrada
16. Amor De Trem

Peace In The Valley:
Released: 07/20/1999

Alan Jackson sings on the Peace In The Valley Album

1. Walkin' in Jerusalem - Diamond Rio
2. A House of Gold - BR5-49
3. Morning Has Broken - Pam Tillis
4. We're All God's Children - Alan Jackson
5. Farther Along - Blackhawk
6. Peace in the Valley - Tammy Graham
7. John the Revelator - Lee Roy Parnell
8. What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Brett James
9. Why Me Lord? - Steve Wariner
10. I Ain't Singin' That Song No More - Brooks & Dunn
11. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded - Randy Foster
12. People Get Ready - Michelle Wright

George Jones:
Live With The Possum

Released: 11/09/1999

Alan Jackson sings No Show Jones with George Jones

1. No Show Jones - with Alan Jackson
2. Once You've Had the Best
3. Race Is On
4. Bartender's Blues
5. Picture of Me (Without You)
6. One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song)
7. Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
8. She Loved a Lot in Her Time
9. I'll Share My World With You/Window up Above/
The Grand Tour/Walk Through
10. One Woman Man
11. Orange Blossom Special [Instrumental]

Star of Wonder:
A Country Christmas Collection

Released: 09-29-1997

Alan Jackson sings on the Star of Wonder album

1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Alan Jackson
2. Silent Night - Steve Wariner
3. Swinging Home For Christmas - The Tractors
4. The Christmas Song - Radney Foster
5. We Three Kings (Star Of Wonder) - Blackhawk
6. Please Come Home For Christmas - Lee Roy Parnell
7. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Tammy Graham
8. Cabin In The Valley - Brooks & Dunn
9. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - BR5-49
10. What Child Is This - Brett James
11. White Christmas - Michelle Wright
12. Christmas Spirit - Diamond Rio

Jeff Foxworthy:
Crank It Up: The Music Album

Released: 08-27-1996

Alan Jackson sings Redneck Games with Jeff Foxworthy

1. Redneck Stomp
2. S.I.N.G.L.E.
3. Party All Night
4. Redneck Games - with Alan Jackson
5. Big O' Moon
6. Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas
7. Pure Bred Redneck
8. Let Me Drive
9. Copenhagen
10. Howdy From Maui
11. 'Twas The Night After Christmas
12. Still More You Might Be A Redneck If...

The Strayhorns:
featuring Alan Jackson

Released: April 1995

Alan Jackson sings on the Strayhorns Album

1. Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
2. She Thinks I Still Care
3. Just In Case
4. Mind Your Own Business with Alan Jackson
5. Chattahoochee (instrumental)
6. Ramblin' Fever
7. Workin' Man Blues
8. Misery Loves Company
9. What Kind Of Man with Alan Jackson
10. Stray Hornpipe (instrumental)

George Jones:
The Bradley Barn Sessions

Released: 10-11-1994

Alan sings Good Year for the Roses with George Jones

1. One Woman Man - Marty Stuart
2. Good Year for the Roses - Alan Jackson
3. Why Baby Why - Ricky Skaggs
4. Golden Ring - Tammy Wynette
5. Say It's Not You - Keith Richards
6. Love Bug - Vince Gill
7. Where Grass Won't Grow - Emmylou Harris
8. Race Is On - Travis Tritt
9. Bartender Blues - Trisha Yearwood
10. White Lightning - Mark Knopfler
11. Good Ones and Bad Ones - Mark Chesnutt

Keith Whitley:
A Tribute Album

Released: 09-27-1994

Alan Jackson sings on the Keith Whitley album

1. Don't close your eyes - with Alan Jackson
2. Ten feet away - Diamond Rio
3. I'm gonna hurt her on the radio - Keith Whitley
4. I'm over you - Tracy Lawrence
5. When you say nothing at all - Alison Krauss & Union Station
6. Charlotte's in North Carolina - Keith Whitley
7. I just want you - Keith Whitley/Lorrie Morgan
8. Little boy lost - Daron Norwood
9. All i ever loved was you - Ricky Skaggs/Shenandoah
10. I'm no stranger to the rain - Joe Diffie
11. I never go around mirrors - Mark Chesnutt
12. The comeback kid - Keith Whitley
13. A voice still rings true - Event/Various

Mama's Hungry Eyes:
A Tribute To Merle Haggard

Released: 09-11-1994

Alan Jackson sings on the Mamas Hungry Eyes album

1. The Bottle Let Me Down - Brooks and Dunn
2. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am - Clint Black
3. Silver Wings - Pam Tillis
4. Everybody's Had The Blues - Randy Travis
5. The Farmer's Daughter - Vince Gill
6. Workin' Man Blues - Diamond Rio,
Lee Roy Parnell, Steve Wariner
7. The Running Kind - Radney Foster
8. Sing Me Back Home - Alabama
9. Trying Not To Love You - Alan Jackson
10. I Threw Away The Rose - Lorrie Morgan
11. Mama Tried - John Anderson & Marty Stuart
12. Today I Started Loving You Again - Willie Nelson
13. Mama's Hungry Eyes - Emmylou Harris

Common Thread:
The Songs Of The Eagles
Released: 1994

Alan Jackson sings on the Eagles album

1. Take It Easy - Travis Tritt
2. Peaceful Easy Feeling - Little Texas
3. Desperado - Clink Black
4. Heartache Tonight - John Anderson
5. Tequila Sunrise - Alan Jackson
6. Take It To The Limit - Suzy Bogguss
7. I Can't Tell You Why - Vince Gill
8. Lyin' Eyes - Diamond Rio
9. New Kid In Town - Trisha Yearwood
10. Saturday Night - Billy Dean
11. Already Gone - Tanya Tucker
12. Best Of My Love - Brooks & Dunn
13. The Sad Cafe - Lorrie Morgan

Alvin & The Chipmunks:
Chipmunks In Low Places

Released: 1992

Alan Jackson sings on the Chipmunks album

1. Country Pride - The Chipmunks
2. Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
3. There Ain't Nothin Wrong With The Radio - Aaron Tippin
4. Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
5. Gotta Believe In Pumpkins - The Chipmunks
6. Brothers & Old Boots - Charlie Daniels
7. Don't Rock The Jukebox - Special Guest Alan Jackson
8. Down At The Twist And Shout - The Chipmunks
9. Outlaws - Waylon Jennings
10. I Feel Lucky - The Chipmunks
11. I Ain't No Dang Cartoon - The Chipmunks

George Jones:
Walls Can Fall

Released: 10/27/1992

Alan Jackson sings I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair with George Jones

1. I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair - with Alan Jackson
2. Walls Can Fall
3. Don't Send Me No Angels
4. Drive Me to Drink
5. What Am I Doing There
6. Wrong's What I Do Best
7. There's the Door
8. You Must Have Walked Across My Mind Again
9. Bottle Let Me Down
10. Finally Friday



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