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personnel page...of the 203rd Field Artillery Battalion WWII ETO

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203rd FAB photo

HQ Battery

HQ Battery Roster 1

HQ Battery Roster 2

HQ Battery Roster 3

Company A

Company A Roster 1

Company A Roster 2

Company A Roster 3

Company B

Company B Roster 1

Company B Roster 2

Company B Roster 3

Company C

Company C Roster 1

Company C Roster 2

Company C Roster 3


S/M Roster 1

S/M Roster 2

213 FA Bn Photos & Rosters PDF Download



Welcome to the website for the 203rd Field Artillery Battalion in the European Theater of Operations 1944-1945

203rd Field Artillery Battalion :: 119th Field Artillery Group :: XIX Corps :: US 1st Army

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