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documents page...of the 203rd Field Artillery Battalion

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203rd FABn Reunion, Tulsa, OK Sept. 20-23, 1990

Ernie & Eva Bertalasio, Weedsville, PA (Company A)

Bill & Helen Cottingham, Big Cabin, OK (Company A)

Harold Heckman, Bethel Park, PA (Company B)

James Alonzo, Burgettstown, PA (HQ)

Bob & Marjorie Conley, Lenoir, NC (Company B)

Ernest Monger, Elkton, VA (Company A)

Felton Laws, Roxboro, NC (Company B)

Oren Sterchi, Dallas, Tx (Company C)

Bruce & Millie Whannel, Harlan, IA (Service Battery)

Lester & Olive Thompson, Houghton, ME (HQ)

Harry & Avis Lewin, Houghton, ME (Service Battery)

Ed & Delores Cuttle, Rolling Meadows, IL (Company A)

Mrs. Carson (Lorine) Caulkin, Carmi, IL (Company A)

Harry & Viola Baker, Salinas, CA (Service Battery)

Rex & Phyllis Rusbult, Hiwasse, AR (Service Battery)

Wilfred & Margaret La Pointe, Hartford, CT (Company B)

Herbert & Margaret Swift, Newburg, OR (Company B)

John Monteith, E. Waterboro, ME (Company B)

Ross Tuel, Jr., Lehigh, IA (HQ)

Mrs. Elaine Brown, Charlottesville, VA (daughter of Ernest Monger)

Judy Soder, Stratford, IA (daughter of Ernest Monger)

Michael Laws, Hurdle Mills, NC (son of Felton Laws)