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copyright  - the legislation, the options, how and when to register

rhyme schemes - list of the names and types of rhyme

song check list - A list of questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether you have written a classic song.

Chord Map in the key of C - Copied, with permission from Steve Mugglin's wonderful site "Music Theory for Songwriters." 

10 song writing blunders - a comparison between classic songs & indie/demo recordings - kindly supplied by Roedy Black.

36 rules for bands - a light-hearted look at things to avoid.

Publishing basics - kindly supplied by Irene Jackson

How to make a $million from your music - the secret information they don't want you to know.

How  to make a $million from your music Part II - A list of some of the more dubious ways to part a musician and songwriter from their hard-earned cash.


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Where a copyright is claimed be sure to ask the copyright holder, other than that, you are welcome to use any other page for your  own site, please let me know so I can add a link to you.  E-mail 


Richhoncho's Songwriters Links

How to make money from your music

Part 2


* No, but here's a few of the ways the money grabbers will part musicians and songwriters from their money. *

There a number of  offshoots from the "real" music business that offer a variety of services. We all understand that if we want to make a great recording we go to the recording studio; want some publicity photos, call in the professional; learn about songwriting, buy the book or sign up for the internet course. Nobody can be chief cook, bottle-washer and successful in the business, the trick is to get the right help.

Here's some of the ways the less-than-honest make money from songwriters and musicians.



The Offer : Pay us $X and we will put your song on a compilation CD which we will circulate amongst the movers and shakers in the music business.

The Fact : They have got your money so there is no guarantee that the CD has been circulated, and even if it has, it won't be listened to. Nobody in the business has time to listen to 20 tracks from a unknown source where there is no quality control.

The Real Way : Bands should go out and do gigs and invite the record companies to come and see them. Songwriters and bands should put together a quality CD with 2/3 songs to circulate (with permission) to the record and publishing companies.



The Offer : Send us your poems/lyrics and we will write music for $X and you could earn a $million.

The Fact : A song is the marriage of words and music. It takes just as much skill to write the killer music as the lyrics, if these guys could write killer music why are they prepared to sell their musical endeavours for $100/200 when they could earn half of that $million? If it was so easy to write the music in the first place why doesn't the lyricist do it himself.

The Real Way : Lyricists should find a collaborator to split all costs and income equally.



The Offer : Pay us $X and we make you successful.

The Fact: Are you really going to pay $XXX  in advance for something that cannot be guaranteed?

The Real Way: Find a manager who will work for a percentage of your future profits.

More details :  How not to make money from your music



NB There are worthwhile contests out there, so this shouldn't be seen as a blanket condemnation of all song contests.

The Offer: Enter our songwriting contest and you could get a publishing contract.

The Fact : The music business is not impressed with songwriting contest winners (there is a difference between a "good" song and a "commercial" song); song contests must be a very lucrative business in it's own right, judging by the number of them cropping up these days.

The Real Way : If your ambitions are purely amateur, go ahead and have a little fun, you might win something. If your ambitions are professional, with the exception of a  couple contests, don't bother. some music biz professionals will laugh at you if you tell them you have won a song contest - especially one promoted by "Crooks Are Us."  Spend the money on getting better demos cut to pitch direct to the business. I have never listed song contests on these pages because I really couldn't be bothered to check them all out.



NB There are worthwhile tip sheets out there, so this shouldn't be seen as a blanket condemnation of all tip sheets.

The Offer : We supply you with the current requirements of the business.

The Facts : Some are just listing small indie releases which won't pay for your subscription, if you really did have a killer product the same doors would open, as if by magic, for you anyway.

The Real Way: Some professional songwriters do subscribe to the better tip sheets, Taxi, Rowfax, Songlink and maybe a couple of others, but remember the wants on these lists are for songs that cannot be filled in-house by the record and publishing companies. Before subscribing make sure you can see a couple of sample lists and make certain you can provide what is required, otherwise you will probably wasting your money.



The Offer : You pay your money and somebody will listen you.

The Fact : Who will listen?

The Real Way : Historically musicians have been paid, for the past hundred years so have songwriters, since when have the rules been changed?



The Offer : Music publisher looking for hit lyrics.

The Fact : Music Publishers never look for lyrics only. Reply to this kind of advert and I can guarantee you sooner or later they will write back telling you that you have written great lyrics and can you forward some $XX for this or that.

The Real Way :  Lyrics need to find a collaborator or learn music.