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copyright  - the legislation, the options, how and when to register

rhyme schemes - list of the names and types of rhyme

song check list - A list of questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether you have written a classic song.

Chord Map in the key of C - Copied, with permission from Steve Mugglin's wonderful site "Music Theory for Songwriters." 

10 song writing blunders - a comparison between classic songs & indie/demo recordings - kindly supplied by Roedy Black.

36 rules for bands - a light-hearted look at things to avoid.

Publishing basics - kindly supplied by Irene Jackson

How to make a $million from your music - the secret information they don't want you to know.

How  to make a $million from your music Part II - A list of some of the more dubious ways to part a musician and songwriter from their hard-earned cash.


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Richhoncho's Songwriters Links

Songwriting Checklist



I don't think you can be a good songwriter without knowing all of the following, equally I don't think you can be great songwriter adhering slavishly to every point.

This list was supplied by Bob Dobbins who approves of it being freely circulated.


1. Is the first line original and catchy?
2. Is the song form appropriate to the story and the song style?
3. Does the story progress logically?
4. Does the bridge (if it exists) add a new dimension to the plot?
5. In a verse/chorus format, is the chorus the logical conclusion to all the verses?
6. Is the title a synopsis of the story?
7. Did I repeat the title enough so that a listener would know the title after 1 listening?
8. Does the rhythm change from verse to chorus to bridge?


1. Is the setting clearly defined? Where is it?
2. Does the location or time change during the song and (if so) is it clear?
3. Does the plot develop with each verse or is it a restatement of the same idea over and over?
4. Halfway through the song are the questions (who, what, where, when and why) answered?
5. Does the dialogue/monologue maintain consistency throughout the lyric?
6. Is there one single idea in the song?
7. Are any aspects of the plot unstated? Are any questions left?
8. Is the lyric male/female or unisex?


1. Is the tone and language consistent?
2. Do any lines call too much attention to themselves?
3. Is the singer in an attractive light? (No anger, sarcasm, self-pity)
4. Do I preach or moralize?
5. Is there an emotional payoff? Is it a good one?
6. Is the meaning universal?
7. Can you imagine any artists singing these words?


1. Are the verb tenses consistent?
2. Is the language conversational?
3. Are the pronouns in place to show who is doing the thinking and feeling?
4. Is it clear when someone else is speaking?
5. Are all paper phrases removed (chairman of the bored)
6. Have any natural word orders reversed been?
7. Is every quote clear?
8. Are the clutter words removed (very, a little, sort of, etc.)
9. Have the trendy expressions been removed?


1. Is the rhyme scheme consistent?
2. Is the rhyme style consistent?
3. Are the tricky/unnatural rhymes removed?
4. Are the types of rhyme varied?


1. Are the accents on the words natural?
2. Are any unimportant words on sustained notes?
3. Are there any sibilant singing situations (lots of s's)?
4. Can the singer breathe and phrase?
5. Are open vowels on sustained notes?