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And like every GOOd (hah hah!!) Goo site, a Gallery

This is a page of non-gooey links if ya wanna check it out... I just thought they kicked, so I added them ;o)

Goo Goo Dolls Layouts I made this page a looong time ago... I haven't updated it much... it's a page of Goo Layouts that Susan helped me with. Check that out if you have a page or are planning on making one. But they DO have a price... FREE! =oP Use them to your content!! =o)

The Dolly wants you to come back soon, so PLEASE do!!! LoL =o)

In honor of all shit-fit-prone computers

1999 - 2003

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This is how I feel right now, frightening, isn't it? heh heh

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