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Organist and Composernotre_dame

Internationally renowned organist and composer of symphonic, chamber, electronic and film music Josip Magdić Zagreb, Croatia plays the organ cycle Dominus Conterens Bella /The Lord Who Crushest Wars/. The cycle was composed during the war in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Croatia between 1992 & 1995 as a cry against the aggression of war and to express courage and hope. Dominus Conterens Bella was recorded in 1994 in Sarajevo and published by Sony and again recorded in 2000 in Zagreb and published by Musica Sacra. Magdić, who is currently a professor of music at the Music Academy of the Zagreb University, has performed the cycle throughout Europe, in the USA and recently in Canada.  

Contact professor Magdić for organ concert at:      or     

Josip Magdić

The Zagreb University
Academy of Music
Berislaviceva 16
10000 Zagreb, Croatia