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Curriculum Vitae

Edmonton, August 20, 2000It was in the town of Ogulin, that celebrates in the year 2000 the 500th anniversary of its foundation by the honourable Bernardin Frankopan, where the opera singer of worldwide reputation Ilma de Murska, also known as the Croatian Nightingale, and Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, also called the Croatian Andersen, were born, as well as the composer and organist, Josip Magdić.

He was born on 19th March 1937. He attended a classics-program secondary school and music school in Zagreb. He completed the studies of music and Croatian language at the Teachers’ Training College and went on to study at the Music Academy, University of Ljubljana. He studied the piano with I. Dekleva, the horn with J. Falout, organ with P. Rančigaj, conducting under D. Švara, and harmony, counterpoint and composition first under Z. Grgošević and finally under L. M. Škerjanc in whose class he also won his master’s degree. In 1964.  he became a member of the Slovenian Composers Association. For a while, he worked as a free-lancing artist, about which Dr. D. Cvetko wrote in 1965: Especially his last compositions are a significant contribution to the most progressive currents of our music production...

In 1967 he was appointed professor and director of the music school in Bjelovar. 1970 he taught at the Music Academy, University of Sarajevo as assistant professor, from 1972 when he founded and led the MOMUS ensemble (MO-dern MU-sic S-arajevo). In 1977 he established the group MASMANTRA and conected it with the electroacoustic workshop (EAR) within the Composers Association. In 1985  he became full professor at the Sarajevo Music Academy. In the course of 25 years that he spent  working in Sarajevo, he taught  composition, orchestration, polyphony, music analysis, contemporary notation and electroacoustic music. Dr. I. Čavlović wrote in 1990: At a certain point in time, and not in a long while from now, we shall establish the fact that Josip Magdić was the founder of a school of composition in a milieu poor in composers.

Josip Magdić stayed in Sarajevo in times of most severe devastation of war, especially committed to his activities within the Croatian Cultural Society NAPREDAK, and his scores published under the title NOTES OF WAR ’92, as well as his works composed between 1992 and 1994, are an expression of powerful spite and outcry against aggression. He has often been appearing as soloist performing his own works on the organ on concert tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, USA. Since 1995 he has been employed as full professor of theoretical subjects at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb.

Over 200 works, that he composed for a wide variety of ensembles, ranging from soloist, chamber, symphonic and vocal-instrumental to electroacoustic, film and multimedia music, have been performed in nearly all European countries, as well as in the USA, Asia and Australia. He has received numerous prizes and awards for his oeuvre: Prešern Academy Award for the  CONCERTO for Flute and Orchestra (1964), Award for THE CONSTELLATION  for Orchestra (1969), Award of the 9th International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges for THE MUSIC  for Clarinet, Saz and Electronics (1981), 6th April Award of the city of Sarajevo (1986), Golden Circle Award of the Cultural-Educational Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1987), SUBNOR 4th  July  Award for A POEM TO PEACE (1988), Golden Plaque at the 4th Sacred Music Days for the composition POPULE MEUS - IAM HIEMS (1998).

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Josip Magdić

The Zagreb University
Academy of Music
Berislaviceva 16
10000 Zagreb, Croatia