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Triple-D's MIDI Jukebox

Triple-D's MIDI Jukebox
Again, Triple-D's MIDI Jukebox

This is Triple-D's MIDI Jukebox. Just click on a link to hear the corresponding MIDI song which you would like to hear. I hardly ever add new MIDIs to this page, but still, why not check back every great once in awhile just in case? If anyone has a problem with any of these MIDIs being on my page, please tell me at once. Thanks! By the way, my name is Triple-D and I am the Musicmeister! You know it! Yeah! Whooooooo! Or, uh, something...uhh...I gotta go do some drywalling now. And after that, I gotta go play the drums for awhile. Yup. Okay.

"Dustin Has An Attitude" - Sepultura

"ThunderDustin 65" (Beavis' Song) - That Zombie Guy

"The Stinkin' Memory of Dustin Remains" - Metallica

"Dustin's Song 2 (The One-Hit-Wonder Song)" - Blur

"Canon in Dustin" - Bach

"Dustin Hast" - Rammstein

"Take A Look Around, Dustin" - Stupid Biscuit-Headz

"Pardon Me, Dustin" - Incubus

"Come As You Are, Dustin" - Nirvana

"The Real Slim Shady....Is Dustin" - Eminem

"Forgot About Dust" - Dr. Dre With Eminem

"What's This Life For, Dustin?" - Creed

"My Name Is...Triple-D" - Eminem

"Influential Dustin" - Eminem

"The Way Triple-D Is" - Eminem

"Blow Up the Dustin World" - Soundgarden

"Black Hole Dust" - Soundgarden

"Omaha Dustin" - 311

"T & P Combo...featuring Dustin" - 311

"Dusteria" - Sublime

"Why Do You Not Get A Job, Dustin?" - The Offspring

"Dustin Is BIG Me" - Foo Fighters

"What's Up, Dustin?" - 4 Non Blondes

"You Get What You Give Dustin" - New Radicals

"Triple-D Is Just All Right" - The Offspring

"Dustin Presents The Undertaker's Theme" - WWF

"It's a Bittersweet Symphony, Dustin" - The Verve

"There Goes Dustin, My Hero" - Foo Fighters

"Learn to Fly, Dustin" - Foo Fighters

"Dustin's Best Shot" - Pat Benetar

"Sweet Talking Dustin" - Five Iron Frenzy (Originally performed by ELO)

"Millieunieumdodwewumiuieumium/DUSTO" - Robbie Williams

"Kiss Dustin" - Six Pence None the Richer (The Song for Triple-D's Non-Existent Girlfriend)

"All Dustined Up" - 311

"Is Dustin Evil?" - Metallica (not an endorsement of evil)
[click here for more metallica midis]

"Dustin Is A Loser" - Beck

"Dustin On A Leash" - Korn

"Dustining Away From Me" - Korn

Even I'm not sure what this is about. Remember these guys? Weren't they just the coolest? Who could disagree?

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