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What you can do to make life easier
for yourself in your search for good tone.

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Amplified Tone

This is a subjective topic, and a lot of things are involved. However I have found a few things that have made life easier in my search for good amplified tone.

The Perfect Rig

Impedance Matching

Microphones, Amplifiers, Effects, Computers, Stereos, Mixing desks and PAs all have impedance levels (ohms, kOhms and MOms) and operate within a certain range of Watts which are measured dB, dBu and/or dBm, as well as dBV. To get the best from your equipment, it is vital to match impedance levels correctly and ensure the dB levels are well within operating range of the equipment you're connecting together

Getting It Out There
While Avoiding Feedback

Clean Amplification
And Acoustics

Behringer MX802A Mixing Board

Playing at High Volume
And Your Hearing

Last Thoughts

Madcat mic on 
HH270 in leather belt pouch

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