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My Rig

I have a few different mics that give me some tonal variety. I have an original Harp Commander which is a Class A jFET preamp to get anything from a clean warm sound, to traditional Chicago Blues tone. It has a fair amount of high cut, and compression built into it.
For clean sound, I may use a mic straight into a mixer desk. In the past I've pondered the pros and cons of getting an old tube PA, for a warm clean tone, but now I have no need to since receiving a Harp Commander III.
For effects, I use a small amount of echo, and/or reverb for traditional Blues harp, and Jazz chromatic. But I also use a lot more of those effects for other styles and genres, the delay becomes very import part of the instrument, possible using tap tempo. A also use a MicroPOG octave pedal, and stereo chorus to thicken the sound up, which can range from beefing the tone up, to turning harmonica into a synth. I'm hunting around for tremolo/panning effects which can double as a lesley speaker simulator, as well as a good envelope follower/autowah.
At the heart of this setup is a small mixer, which allows me to set everything up with the right levels using a number of mics and preamps, through the chain of effects. As well as the ability to plug in backing music, and record the end result. This can then be plugged into just about anything: headphones; computer; stereo; powered speakers; or PA.


I've found mics can make a big difference to your tone and sound, and have a few to suit different needs.


I don't own any traditional amplifiers as such, not anymore. Because I'm interested in a range of sounds and effects, having several amplifiers is impractical. Instead I rely on preamps and effects pedals to give me the tone and sound I want, control over the mix with a small mixer, and rely on the PA or a powered speaker to reproduce it at whatever volume level is appropriate.


G's Rig Setup Diagram

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