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FLASH: Our latest innovation is The Great WOMEN's LARGE Band! With an event at 11 p.m. on October 6th of this year, Thursday, at Desmond's Tavern, Park Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets, Manhattan, U.S.A.!

The EVENT: Genesis Prepared! Our own selection of non-original but GR8888 tunes from throughout the ages, presented through the Red Light District (what better place for the CREATION?) poem 42nd Street by Robert Patrick, GENESIS from the bible, and our own STREET SCENE.

WOMEN's LARGE is currently composed of Albert Solomon, Richard Gross,* and Orin Buck.*

*Currently of The Great FIST OF KINDNESS band-- Affiliation for indentification purposes only.

Note: The flyer above is for another event. The text below refers to this event and our previous incarnation as the Disaster Wisdom Follies . . .

We are in mid-fall (by my system, which counts August-September-October as fall) and still not developing much momentum in our video-editing ambitions. The SHOW will resume, hopefully, in early 2006.



Presents . . .


Yes folks, for the first time the Principality will bring you staunch and everlasting irresolution (er, some of the time for some of the players . . .). The real question will be to see if it makes any difference?

Lower East Side

At: COLLECTIVE : UNCONSCIOUS 10 p.m. SATURDAY, hopefully some time in EARLY 2006. Company welcome at REHEARSAL 3-6 p.m. $7 or Any Donation. You may bring your own food or liquor. Reservations: hobces@yahoo.com or 718-768-9079.

279 CHURCH STREET at White Street, TWO BLOCKS BELOW CANAL. A or any other train that stops at Canal Street (C/E/N/R/Q/W/6/J/M/Z), or 1/9 Train to Franklin Street.

Located at COLLECTIVE: UNCONSCIOUS, the Principality is New York's premier underground theater show at New York's premier underground theater site. Hopefully sometime in EARLY 2006, we will have had six shows a year for well over three years. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes tedious, sometimes risque, but always in good taste, The Disaster Wisdom Follies targets the forms of theater themselves. It is a slow and gentle, inevitable and even ineluctable . . . disaster!

The REGULAR CREW consists of noncomedian John King, primal therapy paraprofessional Walter Gambine, bandleader, host and universal wit Shante Jones, raconteur, piano teacher and musician Richard Tschudy and our always meticulous videographer and Speaker of Truth, Peter Thomas. And welcoming our newest (ahem!) member, the Honorable Jonathan Fenster, Chazzan. And you, the audience, are part of the show in mysterious ways that not even we understand. In fact, it is YOUR show even though we are the performers. And always, always, Awful Albert is there wearing his mop, showing his good legs (HE thinks they are good), singing old Hank Snow ditties and drawing from his extensive repertoire of sensuous anecdotes and noncomedy routines, and telling people what to do and what not to do.

Many thanks, and please acknowledge this post.

Thanks, ---- :) ------ Albert B. Solomon -

Message tape 718-768-9079.

We should tell you about the June 18th show but we are too lazy. Suffice it to say that there was general betrayal all around--you might even call it a revolt! Even so, some people believe it was our best show yet! If that isn't a disaster, what is?

The March 12th show was - um - disastrous, but isn't that what it's supposed to be? There was no encouragement for the nudity, no curtain at the back of the theatre, no robes were brought for flashing as suggested, and most tellingly, I forgot the flipflops and even MY OWN FANCY SHOES! Nudity is not to be taken lightly or without preparation. And I entirely forgot the idea about John and me changing shirts . . . ! STILL, it was a lively show, with a lot of new music (I Enjoy Being a Girl, and I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say "No," for example, plus a lovely melody by possibly Schumann that I remembered from my piano-lesson days, to sing my Ball a Lady song to). And the music this time was played by MOI instead of the absent and disgruntled RICHARD TSCHUDY - but we hope he will be back! Altogether, five hours of video taken though. Except for a musical interlude by "Dr. Jones" which made my belly roll like jelly.

But Nudity or No, maybe it somehow gave us an edge because it was a fun show anyway. Special thanks to all the solicitous ministrations of TOM our Doorperson and a new member of the Collective, who among his many acts of charity gave me a tuna salad sandwich imported from the Suburbs!

The December 11th show was . . . well, it was something new! And it had some very striking scenes on the videotape-- I feel like Warner Wolf! Other than that, it remains to be seen, but I hope Richard will stay with me long enough to try the collaboration again at least one more time. Sic transit gloria mundi!

The October 23rd show was a Blast! The Chorus Line idea was well received by all and we made four hours of videotape--ugh! This was one of our happiest and most magical shows.

At The July 17 Show I was rattled, very thoroughly rattled but not intensely or painfully rattled--you know what I mean? Thank you ---- Joe Mocrizima.

Q & A

1. Is there nudity? No, but I have, uh, good legs.

2. Do you have a good voice? I think so.

3. Is the Show tasteful? I think so.

4. Would you invite your mother? My mother was one of my biggest fans, and she coined the expression "staunchly irresolute."

Through every type of trial and tribulation-- including the transit outage following an explosion at the Con Ed plant-- the execrable and unworthy event has continued. Why? ----- :) ----- Albert (updated 05-05-05.) EMail HOBCES@YAHOO.COM. Thanks again.

Sorry--for some time the link to the Microzymian page has been missing from the list of links. Now, 05/10/00-WE/5760, I have restored it I hope. Thanks.

More on Microzyma page today, 12/26/00.

First message, Early November, 1999 (5760):

On another page there is a picture of me with a big toothy grin.

I am a really cute and charming 40+ male who has several projects he works on and some others that are just a wish list.

I am a Reformer at the Food Co-Op where I buy food. The Government needs to be more democratic. In fact, it is hardly democratic at all.

I am a lifelong journal writer. For friends and serious admirers, there are pages with some of my journals. Please send EMail to request URLs.

You are probably wondering what the Mighty Microzymas are all about, but this is too big a subject to start a page on right away. I have to wait for a moment of inspiration, maybe on Thanksgiving Day! <11/23/99TU> Okay, I guess I'll start it . . . (see links).

3/26/2000: (This should be on the Microzyma pages but for now I'll put it here): Was on a site today, looks to be excellent--not only about microzymas. See "(1) - Recommended Site" on list of sites. In particular a report on the Rife microscope, designated "(2) - Recommended Site" on the same list. I wish the Doctors at the laboratory where I work could see this!

I was a member of NIIN (Natural Immunity Information Network).

I am a supporter of the NYSHA (New York State Homoeopathic Association).

If this all sounds boring to you it isn't to me.

I not so recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua. After ten years of US rule without war the country has again been brought to its knees and there is widespread poverty (80% unemployment) and Nicaragua is now the 126th out of 175 positions in the UNDP Human Development Index 1998; I don't know too much about it but it sounds like poverty to me. It is like Bangladesh or India or The Sahara in Africa or something like that. It is no longer a third world country, it is fourth world. The only thing is the Nicaraguan people will never be brought to their knees, even though there are only four-and-a-half million of them.


Please come back and visit again!

(Just a plug for ANGELFIRE for being the first free WEBSITE I found that works. No other endorsement intended.)

So what else is new? Send me EMail if you want at the address below. Thank you. And if you go to the Hopefully EARLY 2006 show I will be so grateful that I will give you one of my BIG KISSES, which are LEGENDARY!! Even if you are UGLY!!!

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