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Fan Fiction Fantasy

~*I want to thank everyone who visits my site. I am glad you enjoy my stories. I have finally posted my longest and personally my most favourite story. Click the link below to read it. Thanks again & please sign my guestbook before you leave*~


Don't Walk Away

She's had such a tough time with love. Will her relationship with Jacob end up the same way or will he change her life forever?

The Secret

This is the first BSB story I wrote. It's all about the 5 guys and me and 4 friends. It's funny & romantic. Please read.

The Secret: Part 2

This is a continuation of The Secret. Please read.

Backstreet Families

This is about the BSB's getting married and having families. It's good. Please read.

Have You Ever

One of the *N Sync guys falls in love. Awe! Please read.

Anywhere For You

The same *N Sync guy falls in love. He'll do anything to be with the person of his dreams. This is a romantic one, with some funny parts. Please read.

Luv You Always

Could a friendship with Justin be more? Please read.

Mystery Admirer

This is a story with made up characters. It's a shorter one but good. Please read.

Fool You Once, Fool You Twice

This is another made up story, but it has suspence. It's also short but good. Please read.


This is another story with made up characters but it's also short but good. Please read.

O-Town: Reveling In Success (Part 1)

The group is formed and love is in the air, but what is more important to one of the boys? Please read and you'll find out.

O-Town: Reveling In Success (Part 2)

This story continues, and there are some major changes for them to all go through. Please read.

O-Town: Reveling In Success (Part 3)

This is the third and final part to the story. Everything changes. Please read.

True Feelings

This story is about Miguel from 'Passions'. It's kind of a take off from the show but it's still different. Please read.

~NEW!~Luv & War~NEW!~

This is another story about Miguel. It's not a take-off, and it's one of my favourites.


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