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Morong Collage by NSMSoriano 

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by Reynato SM Aquino
Morong folks use the Tagalog dialect with a singsong accent that is very contagious. Words, phrases, terms, and expressions that are not in the Tagalog dictionary have been embedded for many years in the eccentric vocabulary of the Moronguenos. Morong's barrio folks have their version of the town's vocabulary. This macroculture of everyday conversation also is different from nearby towns. The most common observation is in the use of the letter "R." Words that carry the letter "D" are substituted with letter "R", as in ringring (wall) for dingding, sanrok (ladle) for sandok, and so on. 
The Morong vocabulary is entirely different. For instance, we say aluhipan instead of alupihan. Bariya instead of barya. Iyilo for yelo, tawo for tao and many more listed in this book. And why in the world do we have to say istalapata instead of walang sapin sa paa, or, sapatos (barefoot)? This is better than salung puwit for silya (chair).
Mga kabayan, sit down and relax. Reminisce and bring back that old Morong feeling. If we missed some words please let us know. Let us complete our heritage before we totally forget it. Korawnga iyang binahog na bahaw!
To all of you who made this possible - napakaraming salamat po hane? Hane is an overused word in our daily conversation. Sentences end with this word, whether or not needed. It is sort of reassurance. The modern version is "o.k." It is somewhat redundant especially here in America when we use hane and honey.
Special thanks to December Club who started this project during preparation of the Morong 400 souvenir book and to Dr. Tony Mateo who is still trying to figure out whether to walk “istalapata” or use a “palagatos”, or “mag dyapanis sliper ka na lamang!”
Here is a song written by Dr. Tony Mateo’s group which shows Morong’s language at it’s best. He e-mailed me…. 
Dear Lanang, 
I was rummaging in the attic of my brain today, trying to salvage bits and pieces of Morong potpourri when I stumbled on a song I made for our Rotary Club. We used to meet then at the Valle Verde Country Club and one unwritten rule was to speak in "puntong Morong". Our club became a curiosity in the albeit classy venue. Rather than be embarrased by our reverberating "r's" and roller coaster sing-song, we wanted to "ngur-ngor" them some more in our culture. Maybe one day you will hear the actual tune. 
Inawit na nga pala sa plaza ito noong Tomas Claudio centennial '92. Wala yatang pumansin! Baka hindi naiintindihan.
Kaming taga-bunrok, sa baybay ng ragat 
bangtam-is magmahal at bansarap magluto 
sinig-ang na kanduli apaw ang sabaw 
at may balaw-balaw pambahog sa bahaw. 


Lumaking istalapata butityog sa durog 
arakibot ay siste ng kasing ukingking 
sa dyip ay lasket kanawari'y bayar 
inakaw!, eh apa!, taga-Morong pala 
(repeat refrain) 
Banggandang tan-awin ng rase sa bukir 
banlakas ng bul-ong may hutar na suyor 
kambuta sa langgwerta, sanrok sa ringring 
haw, ah! inake! taga-Morong kase 
(repeat refrain) 
bang-isli ng barak-bak 
hanrutrot ang buturot 
bukanog kung kumayog; 
Palapitak, palapitak! 
albe na sa lature 
sa pupo at sa amba 
Aming sarili, 'di lilimutin 
mananatili sa pusot ramramin 
saan man umahon sa Morong ang tuon 
sa habang panahon! 
(tony '89)