Fantasy Romance

Do you believe in Magic, Fairies, Elves, Pegasus, Unicorns, Dragons and all the wonderous creatures that are around us? You can't see them? Only because you aren't looking close enough, or maybe you are trying too hard.

You must be a romantic or you wouldn't be reading this page. What could be better than having a dark hero, if you prefer a blond one, or pick your favorite, come into your world and sweep you away to the adventure of your life.

Take fantasy and romance, mix them together, create a place with magic and fantastical beings, a hero and heroine, toss in a villian, shape it into a world of your creation and ride the wings of a wonderful journey.

There are actually two genres here, Fantasy Romance and Romantic Fantasy and either one will work. Generally these will have a setting of medieval qualities but it doesn't have to fit that mold. If you like to experiment then by all means do so if that's what is needed to tell your tale. Your world can be in the sky, underwater, inside a mountain, anywhere your imagination takes you. That's the key word, your imagination.

You can use a lot of magic or just a touch, but whichever way you decide to go, never use it only to get your characters out of a tight spot. They must do this for themselves, just as in any other genre. Regardless of the misconception of some, fantasy of any kind has rules the same as any other writing. You are allowed to make up your own rules but always stay within the boundaries you decide upon. Never change things because you end up stuck, or your characters can't get out of some predicament. If you change something make sure you go back and keep the continuity in all aspects of your story and characters.

There is not a lot about Fantasy Romance for writing references and we hope to bring some to this site. There is for Fantasy and for Romance so I'll endeavor to search both and combine them. Together maybe we can map out more for everyone to use and hopefully help with their writing. I will put links I have found and maybe they will aid you in some way.

If you have any questions or something you think would benefit others here, please e-mail MaryKay.

Please feel free to join in the forum, it's there for everyone to use.


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