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The Holy Grail

by Robert Coon

You are upon the High Way of Divine Life. The Universe is observing your spiritual journey with great interest. On special occasions, our individual Ways have intersected and communed within profound densities of Life and Joy. I am certain that our Pathways shall cross in Service to the Divine on many occasions as we travel deeper into the Heartland of the New Aeon which is now unfolding. May each such crossway Anoint the Lord of Life within every Being.

As we enter the 21st century, I perceive that both we and the earth are entering very important phases of our personal journeys. The challenges, purifications and initiations of Bodhisattvahood are beginning to manifest frequently and visibly within our experience of Living and Serving upon this earth. This business of becoming a Bodhisattva is a very tricky one! Especially here in the West. I wish you every success within the birth-chamber of your initiation.

Within the Creative Anti-Order that I am a member of, the A.·.A.·., the Bodhisattva is known as The Master of the Grail. For the Bodhisattva is a woman or a man who has managed to remove all limitations of ego from Self so that there is no inner resistance to either receiving or giving the Communion of the Holy Grail. When we have removed all resistance to giving and receiving from our Wills, our Minds, our Hearts, and our Bodies, then the Richness of True Communion begins to be experienced in every situation. There are five degrees of Initiation beyond the Master of the Grail - the Bodhisattva. Through each of these five degrees, the magick of Divine Communion becomes deeper, more creative, and more expansive. In the final stages of this process, all resistance to perpetual Communion with Total and Infinite Life is abolished from the physical Body. This is the Christing of Flesh - the attainment of Physical Immortality, where the alchemical Wedding of Body and Spirit is consummated. Through Total Communion, the Triumph of Life is Complete.

Illusions are parasites dependent upon dualities. Dualities are not real. At the Heart of Communion, Immortal Transformation - complete Union with the Divine - occurs, and all dualities and all illusions vanish. Only the Eternal Joy of Radiant Truth remains... The Word is made Flesh... You and the Father-Mother are forever and ever One.

In Service to the Theme of Life, I would like to devote the pages of this essay to an exploration of the Magick of Communion. Let us breathe together - You and I - in the Here and Now. And Let us invoke - You and I - the Living Spirit of Truth, Here and Now, to Be With Us and to Illuminate the Way of Communion... Oh Let It Be!

We begin exactly where we are: What can I assume about you here in this instant? You are alive and you are choosing to let these words and thoughts into your consciousness - into your Life. Here we have the basic conditions needed for Communion. For Communion is always about Life, Choice, and Change. The Art of Communion is Pure Magick, for Magick is the Art of giving birth to Change that is in harmony with your Unique True Will. These words are Alive - radiant with the Abundance of Immortal Joy... Feast upon these Words... And may the Recreation of Christed Life be established throughout thy Flesh!

In the Russian Orthodox Church, the Holy Spirit is invoked to activate the bread and wine. This is a Ritual of essential importance. The conscious and sincere Invocation of the Living Spirit of Truth increases the potency of Divine Grace within every form of Communion. Let us, once again, consider our present situation: In this instant of time, I am writing these words. In this instant of time, you are reading them. Through Communion, our experiences are transcending linear time. In Eternity, the mutual interchange of all experience is complete and simultaneous at all times. The Divine knows your needs before you ask - but you still need to ask! The Invocation of the Holy Spirit is the most effective way to do this asking.

If the white wafer used in many Christian Churches can act as the Body or Flesh of Christ, surely any object can. These wafers contain no nutrition and look like they are made out of plastic. The humble nature of these wafers is something to meditate upon... I urge you to try this experiment now: Let this book take the place of the white wafer. The book you are now holding in your hands is the Living Body of Christ. To take the Christ Nature which is Alive within this book and to absorb it into your Life - this is Communion. Invocation maximizes the efficiency of this Divine Process.

Now let us give our spiritual attention to this experiment: Breathe deeply for a few minutes; create a heart-centered energy of radiant thanksgiving and peace through this breathing: visualize this sphere of generated divine qualities expanding with every breath cycle to permeate the immediate area surrounding you to a distance of at least 10 feet in every direction. You have now created a resonating field that is naturally attractive to the creative intelligence of the universe. Continue to breathe and to hold this meditation... To awaken and activate the Spirit of Truth is the next step: Add the additional outward heart-radiation of Divine Praise to your generating sphere. The Fiery Quality of Praise always has a very special effect - the Shekinah, or Visible Manifestation of the Divine, is nurtured and illuminated by such a baptism of Praise. The final step before actual Invocation is now to be accomplished. Verbally and silently, affirm and pray with heart and will united in this effort - with energy, belief, thought and word, praise the Living Spirit of Truth. Send forth this radiant Praise to the Holy Spirit of Truth for several minutes, until you feel a Creative Connection has been established. It is essential to offer this Praise to Truth for two main reasons: (1) We need to give Divine Blessings before we can receive; (2) As stated above, Praise brings out the Shekinah or Visible Nature of the Spirit of Truth, so that all the spiritual senses may have something tangible to work with during and after Invocation.

We are now ready to consecrate this book by Invoking The Living Spirit of Truth. The best invocations are always created in the Here and Now. I will not offer you a written invocation here - it's best to make up your own. When the Will is clear about the purpose of the prayer or invocation, then the Words flow with ease from the Heart. Our purpose in this experiment is simple and clear: We are to invoke the Living Spirit of Truth to fill this book with Divine and Creative Blessings so that our Communion with it shall be of the Highest Use. We seek to establish a Spiritual Relationship with this book so that its Christ Nature may flow into our Body Temple and Aliveness in a totally efficient, fertile, and unrestricted manner. We seek to establish a "superconductivity" of Divine Relationship so that the Total Truth may encounter no resistance as it Joyfully Recreates our individual unique expressions of the Divine.

It is important to develop your own style of Invocation. Here is one classic style: When ready, raise your hands, with palms upwards, to the heavens. Verbally make your Invocation to the Holy Spirit of Truth. Inhale the Holy Spirit into your hands, and then bring this energy down into the center of your heart. Let the Holy Spirit unite with the Blessings of your Heart for an instant. Then exhale the combined Grace of the Holy Spirit and your own Heart out through your hands and directly into this book. If appropriate, the verbal Invocation may extend over both the inhalation and exhalation phases of this process. There are several variations involved here which you will discover through experimentation.

Now that our book wafer is consecrated, it's time to feast! May these offerings contribute to a deeply experienced Inner Communion with the Divine in a wide variety of situations, relationships, and sacred locations in your life. Through the magick of this consecration, may your interaction with these writings create change, illuminate synchronicities, and initiate ever-deepening experiences of individual liberty. Take your time and enjoy... If you come across a thought or passage contained herein that particularly interests you, then pause and breathe, meditate, invoke, commune, explore... The Waters of Infinite Life may burst forth from any and every situation.

In this new Aquarian Aeon of the Immortal Child which we are now entering, the Liberation of Communion is destined to develop as a principal description of the global and individual changes we shall experience. In old ways of thinking, communion is something reserved for special times and is only available from an intermediary priest. This Piscean Age attempt to limit certain times and certain situations goes against the very nature of the Christ Life which Is True Communion. The Christ Nature within each of us is forever proclaiming: "I am the Way of Everlasting Life! I am the Way of Life Triumphant, Beautiful and True!" The Kingdom of Infinite Life is within You. Share this infinite Kingdom with the creator and the creation through every thought, word and action. In this Way, you fulfill your role in the Aquarian Liberation of Communion. Christmas Everywhen and Easter Everywhere - the Birth of Christ and the Triumph of Christ through the Immortal Transformation of Matter: These two events are perpetual and are happening totally all the time and in every situation. Mastery of the Art of Communion makes this Truth evident and opens the Way for you to become a Co-creator involved in both the Birth and the Triumph of Immortality at all times. In the Judaic-Christian Tradition, the True Masters of Communion are known as the High Priests and High Priestesses of Melchizedek.

Melchizedek is one of the most ancient Immortals mentioned in the Bible. One esoteric tradition suggests that he attained his Physical Immortality at the age of 52, after developing a perfect Angelic Communion with the Archangel Michael. Michael is the angel of Trust, Intuition, Sharing, and all forms of Communication - all ideal qualities inherent within the dynamics of Inner Communion. Michael is associated with the planet Mercury and Tree of Life sphere Hod. Fifty-two is one of the great sacred numbers: It is 4 × 13. Thirteen is the number of feminine unity: 52 extends this Shekinah quality to the four directions. Fifty-two is the number of years in one Heaven cycle in the sacred Aztec Calendar. We entered such a 52-year cycle at sunrise on 17th August, 1987 Mexican time). This event was well publicized and was popularly known as "Harmonic Convergence." In the Hindu Tradition, there are said to be 52 different interpretations of the Veda and 52 corresponding pronunciations of "Aumgn (Om)" to go with each interpretation.

From the beginning, Melchizedek has always been devoted to the creation of the New Jerusalem, or the Earthly Paradise. This devotion of Will was clearly formulated during his Immortal Initiation through Michael. The present Work of the Melchizedek Priesthood is developing in harmony with the 12 year cycle of Jupiter. The present cycle began in 1987 and culminates in 1999. The primary goal of this period is to begin the activation of 52 Cardinal Sacred Sites on the planet. This work is to be accomplished in four 19 year cycles, activating 13 Cardinal Sites each, over the next 80 years. As these locations open, they are destined to become places where the outpouring of the Grail Communion from Gaia intensifies to a state of superabundance and rapidly transforms the entirety of the planetary culture. Over the coming years many vision quests and individual creative activities at sacred sites throughout the world are destined to contribute to this Melchizedek Work. Additional information on the 52 sites is contained in my book Spheres of Destiny - The Shaftesbury Prophecy. The archetype of the Grail has always been at the heart of the Melchizedek Communion. As many of you know, the Grail Cup is far older than Christianity. It was used during the Atlantean Era by Enoch. It was used by Melchizedek to Bless Abraham atop Mt. Tabor and thus initiate the Jewish Spiritual Current. The Cup of Manna is one of the key forces within the Ark of the Covenant. Traces of the ancient Atlantean-Enochian Cup can be contacted through the Celtic myths of Ireland and Wales. The Cup which gives everlasting Life is found in many different religions.

The Arthurian Quest for the Holy Grail is the Quest for Perfect Communion. There is a Grail lineage and there is a Grail Communion. The lineage consists of all members of the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Grail Communion literally delivers what the outer churches symbolically offer - Christed Translation of the Physical Body Temple, or Physical Immortality. In alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone is identical to the Grail. The Elixir of Life and the Fountain of Eternal Youth are additional synonyms. The Christing of all Flesh is an inevitable result produced by Total Communion. This Christing of the Flesh is a Planetary and Individual process - hence the absolute importance as we approach the 21st Century to establish a deep and creative relationship with the Immortal Will of Gaia, the Living Earth.

When a New Revelation manifests upon earth, all the old Ideals which are asleep awaken and rally to the Eternal Cause. The Return of Arthur and Merlin as potent and creative forces at the present time are prime examples of this. We seek the Communion which transforms the Universe - this is always the High Way of Fruitful Travel... All experience upon this Way offers the Infinite Magick of Immortal, Christing Communion...

Every experience offers Immortal Communion - yet how often do we completely accept and integrate at every level of being this Divine Offering? This New Aquarian Aeon is destined to be a cycle in time when humanity finally discovers how to accept and integrate this Communion. We all have a constant and everchanging opportunity to partake of this Communion. Every instant of your experience is unique and shall never be repeated again. Each such instant of Living is offering you the Holy Grail. Certain mystics have always recognized this Truth. Now, in this New Aeon, all beings shall become Masters of this Communion. These Laws are very simple to state and can be practiced in any, and every, situation.

At the present time, the space and time dynamics of the planetary heart are expanding. This expansion of Gaia's Heart is creating a situation where suddenly, as we move into the 21st century, there is more spiritual space in which to move. Relationships that have been stuck in positions of rigidity are now finding that new movements, and thus new relationships, are possible. The Immortalist Annalee Skarin has stated that more men and women shall emerge as High Priests and High Priestesses of Melchizedek during the next 30 to 40 years than ever before in the history of the planet. This is due to the expansion of the Gaian Heart which we are now experiencing.

Paul, in the 8th chapter of Romans, has a profound Vision which describes the planetary Heart-Change which we are now in the midst of. He feels that all of creation is in the throes of Childbirth, waiting for the birth of the many Immortal Sons and Daughters of the Divine. For when these beings appear, then the entire universe shall be certain of Liberty - for the work of these Children of the Divine is to uplift all matter into frequencies above entropy, decay, and death. Paul was way ahead of his time in seeing the essential relationship between Gaia and individuals. The Heart-Womb of Gaia expands - and the Immortal Children of Global Regeneration emerge.

Rene Guenon, in his book The Lord of the World, offers many valuable insights into the Melchizedek lineage. The name itself is originally spelled Melki-Tsedeq, which means the Tsaddik of Malkuth. In English, this is translated as the Just Adept of the Earth. The Tsaddik is one who has adjusted his or her Being to a point of perfect harmony while Living on the Earth. In the Hassidic tradition, there are always 36 Tsaddiks on the earth at all times. When the process of Tiqqun, or material ascension, is complete, then Messiah appears as the 37th Tsaddik.

These 36 Tsaddiks are Perfect Heart-Masters, are physically Immortal, and are thus forever able to offer the Communion of the Grail. I would like to explain why there are traditionally 36 and to show their connections to the numbers 37 and 666. We often hear of 666 being the number of the Solar Logos and the ideal length of Glastonbury Abbey. These associations are all derived from the Hebrew Cabala.

In the Cabalistic Tree of Life, spheres are traditionally numbered from the Crown Chakra-Kether downwards. The Heart chakra-Tiphareth is numbered 6 in this pattern. Each sphere has a magickal square. The square for Tiphareth-sun-Heart chakra is constructed by using its number 6: A square with 6 columns and 6 rows, or 6 x× 6 = 36 sub-squares. Then the numbers 1 through 36 are placed in these 36 boxes so that each row or column adds up to 111. Thus the total value of the square of the sun is 666 - the Solar Logos. Six hundred sixty-six is 18 times 37. Thus the 36 Tsaddiks maintain the planetary grid which grounds the solar-666 force which is Christing Gaia. In Cabala, the term which describes the work of the Tsaddiks, Tiqqun, also has the value 666. Tiqqun means the translation of all matter into Union with the Immortal Frequencies of the Divine - this brings us back to our theme of Communion. For True Communion always has as its Divine Purpose the Total Transformation of Matter in a Way that Glorifies Aliveness, Liberty, Light & Love. This is forever the Work of the Heart Master.

Each of the 36 Tsaddik Heart Masters is responsible for giving Immortal Grail Communion to 4000 individuals. This is how the number 144,000 is generated out of the Heart, for 36 × 4000 = 144,000. This number has been associated with the planetary changes initiated by Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. To fulfill the prophecy of Annalee Skarin, we are now in the process of creating over a hundredfold increase in Immortals on the earth.

At the present time the original 36 Heart Masters are focused in 12 groups of 3, each triune group acting as midwife at each of the 12 primary Gates of the New Jerusalem - 12 specific sacred sites which are giving birth to the New Aeon. One Child is emerging from 12 wombs... When this 12-womb birth is manifested and rooted, then the 36 Tsaddiks shift locations so that there is one Tsaddik at each of 36 distinct sacred sites. Within the next 30 to 40 years each Tsaddik shall have initiated a minimum of 4000 individuals into Mastery of the Way of Everlasting Life - Physical Immortality. The 144,000 are all now alive, incarnate. Rituals conducted in the Andes - at Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu - on the Wesak Full Moon in May 1987 were specifically dedicated to Blessing the Birth of these 144,000. It should be noted that this number is a minimum figure - I am sure that many more than this shall find the Way of Immortal Communion before we advance to the mid-point of the 21st Century.

In this vision of earth evolution, Tsaddiks may be interpreted as initiatory spirits of location, or as individual beings working in conjunction with the Gaian Will. The archetypes of Planetary Surrealism may be interpreted in many ways...Always remember that this work is Creative and Artistic.

The above information on Melchizedek and the Tsaddiks is important. These ideas may be new to many readers. This is to be expected - for whenever we enter a new Aeon, in this case the Aquarian, the archetypes, spiritual laws, and ways of thinking change. The sleeping truths of old traditions awaken and join forces with the Activities of the New. Before leaving this contemplation of Melchizedek, I would like to illuminate our Theme a little further in one area...

It is said of every Melchizedek High Priestess or High Priest that they are not born of earthly father and mother. This needs to be clearly explained according to the esoteric Judaic-Christian understanding of this idea. All of us, including Melchizedek, Enoch, Jesus, etc., are first born through the water-womb, with earthly mother and father. As we deepen our Mastery of Total Communion, we eventually reach the point of second birth. This preparation for the Birth of Fire may take many lifetimes or it may only take a few years. When we are Re-birthed, or Born Again, the Divine Within recreates us anew so that the entirety of our lineage or inheritance comes directly straight from the Divine. At this point we are born without earthly mother or father - not before. This second birth, where we are Born Again, is always identical to the Translation of Flesh - Physical Immortality. This has always been the goal of the contemporary Rebirthing Movement: the attainment of Christed Physical Immortality within the present incarnation. Never put off to a future Lifetime what can be attained in your present Life! All the Wisdom and Spiritual Techniques are available so that anyone who dedicates their Self to the Way of Everlasting Life can achieve Victory over all limitations - including the limitations created by the rejection of the physical body by the spirit. The marriage of Body and Spirit into a Living Unity in Service to God has always been the Highest Ideal of Divine Will within each of us. "Know ye not that your Body is the Living Temple of the Immortal Divine?"

The Way of Inner Communion leads to Perfection of what is known as "the Practice of the Presence of God." The ecstatic embrace of the Divine in each and every experience of Living is the Fruit of this Practice. Through the Way of continually increasing your Heart's radiation of the transformative qualities of Divine Praise, Love, and Joyous Thanksgiving, the visible presence of God becomes more manifest to all senses until only God is present. The totality of our spiritual senses unite with God in a tantric embrace which never ends at this point. This is Loving God to the point of Absolute Distraction. This is the state of True Communion. Total Communion always occurs at the point of Touch. In the Words of The Invocation of the Omega Point, "Oh Let my Touch be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine!"

The Communion of the Holy Grail is always transmitted through the interface of Touch, which is at the borderline between Self and God that vanishes during the ecstatic embrace described above. Consecrate and dedicate your senses to transmitting and receiving the Immortal Frequencies of the Divine totally through each and every experience of Living. It matters not whether your experiences appear to be either positive or negative - all experience is offering you the Communion of the Holy Grail. The embrace of all experience by the Radiant Heart of Joyous Thanksgiving unlocks the deepest Secret of Living here on earth and illuminates every Step upon your Way to Perpetual and Ecstatic Unity with the Divine. "Ye who are Grateful in All Things: Your bodies shall be filled with Light; and ye shall witness the Universe of Infinite Life outpouring from the Fountains of your Hearts!"

The Virgin Mary is one of the most famous physically Immortal High Priestesses within the Order of Melchizedek. She has been appearing in many locations over the last 150 years. It is important to understand the Immortal Nature of Mary. She did not die. She consciously translated her physical Body into an ascended Immortal Body. I have a strong Vision of her Dancing a Sacred Dance in Praise of the Divine at the Sacred Instant of her Bodily Translation. Three locations claim to be the site of this event: Ephesus, Jerusalem, and Glastonbury. People living at Glastonbury, the planetary heart Chakra, like to see her dancing in the area of the Chalice Well Gardens at the instant of her Translation.

For far too long, the traditional Christian Churches of the world have obscured the Way of Physical Immortality which Jesus teaches. This Way has been mastered by adepts from many cultures and religions. There are many Chinese Taoists who are Immortal like Jesus and Mary. There are many Immortals within the lineage of Black Hat Tibetan Buddhism. This Aquarian Aeon shall quickly witness a shift of focus from death to life - from the illusion of the crucifixion to the Truth of the Triumph of Life. Jesus was Physically Immortal prior to his crucifixion. Now is the Aeon to Regenerate the Universe through Living. In this Aquarian Aeon, death redeems no sins whatsoever: The Immortal Waters of the Holy Grail pouring forth through the Living Heart redeem everything. The Water-bearer of Aquarius regenerates the earth. It is a profound Blessing to be Alive at this time upon the planet - for it is only through Living and Loving that the Will of Gaia is Fulfilled. May we each contribute our own Divine Unique Gifts to this Birth of a New Aeon!

True Communion produces a change within the physical body. When Moses communed with the Divine upon Mt. Sinai, his physical body became so charged with the Light of Truth that others could not directly look at him for a considerable time. When the Physically Immortal beings, Moses and Elijah, communed with Jesus atop Mt. Tabor (The Transfiguration), the Bodily radiance of all three was, again, too much for mortals to behold. When we blow our breath upon kindling to ignite and brighten a fire, we are following the same pattern to be found in Communion. In any direct encounter with the Immortal Divine, we have entered into a relationship which allows the Breath of the Divine to blow through our physical body at a sub-atomic level. Our Body could not become a Blazing Star in such a communion unless there was already alight spiritual kindling within every atom of our Flesh. We all have this spiritual kindling alight - it is called Life.

Mastery of the Art of Communion becomes possible when we learn the Way of making this Immortal Bodily Radiance perpetual. When the Breath of the Divine flows through the Flesh, the Light of Life becomes brighter. This Inner Illumination of the Body Temple reveals aspects of Divine Wisdom that previously were in darkness. The Divine Laws in Action during such communion become clear to consciousness.

We are all Christs in disguise searching for Ways of dropping the disguise. We are constantly trying to get the formulas right: How much should I give of myself in this situation? How much am I willing to receive? What do I have to give? To whom? Our minds generally do us very little good in this game. All too often, the mind, for an endless variety of reasons, places limitations to our giving and receiving of True Communion. I know of no Immortal who attained his or her Immortality through devotion to the mind. Ancient disciplines such as Zen are very valuable because they help us to create a state of No-mind. It is profound Initiation, especially for a left-brain intellectual, to discover that one is not identical to one's thoughts. Thoughts can be creative if we realize that thoughts are the servants of the Divine. In the West, we often say "I think, therefore I Am." In the East, we often say the opposite, "I cease to think, and thus experience my True Self."

Communion creates New Life. If we want to reconcile the above East-West polarity regarding thought, we need to unite with the forces which create thoughts. Every form of Communion involves Relationship: At least two Divine points-of-view agree to create an exchange of energy and information. To give New Life into a Thought, the two aspects which must agree to Communion with each other are Will and Love. Love is the Law - Love united with Will. Heart chakra united with Crown chakra; Tiphareth with Kether; Glastonbury (planetary Heart centre) with Mt. Kailas (planetary Crown centre) - in every situation, the Wedding of Love and Will is at the Foundation of True Communion. The Will to Love creates a Divine Relationship which makes Communion possible. True Love is the exchange of Immortal Divinity and always produces Joy.