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Full list of credits



This lists all the films, projects and productions on stage and screen that Laura Jury has been involved with.


* Terror Alert, docu-drama film by Scream Films, to be shown on Sky 1 during the summer of 2004. I played a nuclear attack victim.

* Les Miserables - in the role of Adele, a revolutionary. Production by the Western College Players, at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth, June 2004

* Dreamscape. Experimental new age drama about nature spirits present in the modern day city.

* The Son Of The King - 10 minute Arthurian drama. Writer, producer, location scout, casting, crewing, costume design, researcher.

* Dead Awake - a 10 minute drama about the medical condition cataplexy, made by Black Cat Creations. My roles: actress and continuity.


* The Zen Scrolls- short samurai period feature film, the full length film from The Last Cherry Blossom that is still awaiting an editor, My roles were camera work, directing, music, FX, researching, martial arts stunts, producing.


* The Fragile Soul - short drama based on past life memories of Atlantis. Camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching, producing. Camerawork in association with Kernow Films.

* White Bread - producer for short drama about Cornish drug dealer. Production made by Kernow Films

* The Cry Of The Worm - drama-doc set in the anti war marches, about a buisnussman who can no longer stand the impersonal, uncaring Capitalist life. My roles were camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching, produing. This was shown at several film festivals and photos are used by the Stop The War Coalition.

* Stonelight - provided voice over for spacship navigator, in this short animated sci fi drama.

* Rampage - Jackass inspired comedy. Camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching, producing

* The Last Cherry Blossom - short abstract musical drama on the samurai ritual suicide seppuku. Camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching, producing, costumes, sets.


* The Letter - producer-runner for short drama about a suicide note.

* An Introduction To Aikido - instructional video for beginners in Aikido, feturning interview with Europes highest ranking sensei. Camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching....

* The Incarnation - short fantasy feature set in the French Revolution. Camera work, directing, editing, music, FX, researching


* Nightingale - actor in German drama film

* My First Aikido Class - 5 minute documentry, involved in acting, directing, producing, researching.

* Raining Needles - producer for medical documentry on diabetes


* The Chase- gangster drama, involved in acting and editing.

* Aladdin - pantomime in Brixham, played the Genie.

* The Hired Man - Musical, Torquay. played a village woman.


* VC-S3. Musical scifi drama in Paignton. played an alien technician.

* Running - Paignton. Time travel drama about World War 2, the narrator.

* The Silver Disc- Torquay. James Bond spoof written by me. I also played the lead Bondgirl.