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THE INNER ACTORS - if you're into
astrology and horoscopes then this is
great for you! learn more about the
actors' starsign and loads of more stuff!
Michael Treanor - Aries
Max Slade - Cancer
Chad Power


QUIZ - test your knowledge on on the
3 Ninjas and see how many you get right
or wrong.
Take the 3 Ninjas quiz NOW!


WALLPAPER - the ones you put on
your computer desktop! all made by me.
Click on the link and when your chosen
wallpaper has loaded, right click to save.
Rocky #1 (Michael Treanor)
Rocky #2 (Michael Treanor)
Colt #1 (Max Slade)
Colt #2 (Max Slade)
3 Ninjas #1
3 Ninjas #2

And as usual...there's more stuff coming soon!