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Do you think you know everything about the three Ninjas? Take the quiz and find out.
I really couldn't be bothered to do all that Java stuff (lots of work!) so you'll either have to kinda remember
what you thought the answer was or print out this page and get a pen ready!
(actually, the questions are pretty easy!)

1. What did Tum Tum call Colt when they're speaking at the beginning of 3 Ninjas and Colt's just said "you're still really little"?
A) Jerk
B) Spaz
C) Twerp

2. Complete Rocky's saying "believe in..."
A) "...Ninjas"
B) "...grandpa"
C) "...yourself"

3. How many girls were with Emily when the boys and grandpa were in the car and Colt says "woo-hoo! look who's here!"?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3

4. What color does Colt spray his mask?
A) Blue
B) White
C) Black

5. What's Tum Tum's real name?
A) Michael
B) Jeffrey
C) Samuel

6. In the bedroom at their house, where does Rocky sleep?
A) Top bunk
B) Bottom bunk
C) His own bed

7. Complete Snyder's (the bad guy in 3 Ninjas) sentence "I want them found now, or I will tear out your..."
A) "...liver!"
B) "...heart!"
C) "...lungs!"

8. At the dinner table at grandpa's, grandpa grabbed Colt's nose and said that...
A) He shouldn't keep talking
B) He should concentrate on Ninja
C) He shouldn't be over confident

9. What's the name of the boys' dad?
A) Sam
B) Bob
C) Tom

10. When they're given their masks, Tum Tum says "Can I be monster destroyer, or how about super..."
A) ""
B) "...killer"
C) "...terror"

11. During basketball, Colt thinks about beating up the bully, he throws the ball to Rocky and says a number to the bully. What?
A) 7
B) 8
C) 9

12. What did Tum Tum give grandpa for luck?
A) Chocolate
B) Cheez doodles
C) Jelly beans

13. What color is Rocky?
A) Green
B) Blue
C) Yellow

14. In 3 Ninjas Kick Back, what's the brand of Colt's shoes when they're playing baseball?
A) Nike
B) Adidas
C) Reebok

15. What's the color of grandpa's car?
A) Pink
B) Red
C) Black