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The Inner Max

Max' starsign is Cancer. Continue reading to find out more!

Ruler The Moon
Element Water
Polarity Female
Color Silver
Stone Pearls and
Flower Lotus
Hobbies photography,
hosting parties and dining
out with friends in resturants
Places Holland, Scotland,
New York and Venice
Advice Do not attach yourself
to material things. Go with the
flow of life and see where it
takes you
Avoid Preconceived ideas
and making judgments before
having all the facts.

Here are also some facts that has been said about the starsign Cancer...

"Jupiter in Cancer gives you a very conservative outlook, firmly rooted in old family values. It also gives you great idealism which can direct you towards a world of fantasy totally removed from a world of reality. You are blessed with an exceptionally good heart and are tender and protective"

* Max has already been doing well as an actor, and is now pursueing his dream as a rock star! you go!