The Vampyre's Kiss - Part Two 

- An October/2003 Special Feature -

by Moonlight

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She took the goblet from him and brought it up to her lips. She drank deeply, her eyes never leaving Orion's. A smile played on Orion's lips. As she lowered the glass, she returned his smile. Orion reached out and took the goblet away from her, placing it on a low wooden table nearby. Then he came back to her. He stood in front of her and cupped her chin in his hand. 

Leaning down toward her, he gently kissed her. Dionne felt her breath being taken away. His kiss was as beautiful as before, his mouth soft and warm. She knew that she never wanted to leave him. Ever. Her arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him close. His body wasn't cold as she'd expected it but warm and welcoming. As the kiss ended, Dionne pulled away and looked up into his eyes.

'I love you,' she whispered.
Orion smiled.
'Thank you,' he whispered.
Then Dionne pulled away and looked into his eyes.
'I love you,' she repeated, 'but I don't think I can be with you.'
She saw Orion's eyes begin to glaze over with tears.
'I mean, you're a vampire. You need someone who's going to understand you. I'm sorry.'
Slowly, she reached out a hand and stroked his face. Then, she gently kissed him before releasing him and leaving.

As she left, Orion sat on a nearby couch and buried his head in his hands. His body was racked with the sobs of a broken heart. Slowly he lifted his head to reveal a face streaked with bloody tears. He wiped them away before standing up.

His life had to go on. He walked up to a table where a bottle of red liquid rested. Lifting it up, he slowly poured some of the thick red liquid into a glass, which in turn he lifted to his lips. The blood flowed freely into his mouth and he drank deeply, surrendering to his hunger.

Out in the square, Dionne stood and looked up at Orion's apartment, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt her own heart breaking. She couldn't do this. Not to Orion. He was perfect and she loved him. But her emotions were being pulled in different directions. 

How could she love someone who she had only know a few days? Everything about it was telling her to be on her guard. Suddenly, and without thinking again, she gave into her feeling and headed back to his apartment.

Orion heard the footsteps on the stairs and moved deeper into his apartment, fearing the slayers. The door creaked open.
'Orion,' he heard Dionne say.
Slowly he came out of hiding. Dionne walked up to him, took him in her arms and kissed him. As they pulled away, she looked into his eyes.

'I couldn't leave you,' she whispered, 'I could never leave you. I'm so sorry.'
Gently Orion pulled her close, letting her rest her head against his chest. He listened quietly to her sobs and felt his own tears trickling down his face.

Dionne sat, curled up, on Orion's bed, Orion in her arms. Gently she stroked his long silky hair, letting the glossy strands slip through her fingers.
It was getting close to dawn and Orion was dozing. Dionne thought how peaceful and beautiful he looked. Like he was dead. She bent to kiss his eyes and, in his semi - unconscious state, he stirred and smiled slightly. 

They hadn't exactly made love. Dionne's arms and throat were covered in tiny bite marks and bruises from where he'd taken her blood. Dionne winced slightly at the memory, the pleasure and pain which had coursed through her veins at the exact moment he'd pierced her skin. He'd also fed her some of his blood, telling her that he wanted to make her his companion. And that's what she wanted. She was never going to leave him. Ever.

'I love you, Orion,' she whispered.
Dionne knew that he could hear everything that she said. Slowly she too began to doze. She knew that she was slowly turning from a human into a creature of the night. Eventually, as the sun rose, she fell asleep, her head sinking forwards and resting against Orion's.

The day passed quickly. Dionne woke early, around 6pm. She knew that Orion wouldn't be awake for another couple of hours so she went back to her apartment to feed Toby. Before she left, she bent and gently kissed the sleeping Orion.

As she unlocked the door to her apartment, she heard an anxious Toby meowing. She walked in and instantly felt a set of claws dig into her leg.
'Ow, ow, ow,' yelled Dionne, 'Toby, stop it.'
She leant down and unhooked the cat from her flesh. Holding him in her arms, she looked into his little green eyes.
'Is that my punishment for not coming home last night?' she enquired.
Toby squeezed his eyes at her.
'Come on, let's feed you.'

Dionne rested in her apartment for a while, checking her e-mail and playing with Toby. Eventually, the moon had risen. Dionne looked out of her lounge window, down at the canal nearby. The moon looked so beautiful, reflected in the rippling water. Dionne wanted to go out again with Orion.
Quietly she left Toby sleeping on the couch.

Orion paced his apartment, waiting for Dionne. Eventually the door opened and she walked in.
'Where have you been?' he asked.
'I had to feed my cat,' she replied.
'You have a cat?' Orion's eyes were wide.
'Uh - huh,' she responded, 'he's a tortoise shell called Toby.'

Orion smiled.
'You obviously love him a lot.'
'Oh, I do,' she said.
Orion reached out his arms and pulled her close. She smiled at him.
'I have a surprise for you,' he said.
Dionne smiled at him. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Hanging from a hook was the most beautiful dress Dionne had every seen. 

It was made from midnight blue velvet. Gold embroidery spidered across it in beautiful patterns of leaves and vines.
'It's for you,' Orion said.
'It's beautiful,' gasped Dionne, 'I don't know how to say thank you.'
'You don't have to.' he whispered, 'Just change into it. I want to see what you look like.'
Dionne smiled.
'Leave me in peace then,' she smiled.
Orion left the room, smiling at her as he closed the door.

Dionne carefully changed into the dress. It spread out behind her, trailing the floor. Dionne felt like a princess. She looked around her for a mirror. There wasn't one. It then dawned on Dionne that Orion wouldn't need a mirror. She smiled to herself before going to show herself to Orion. 

As she opened the door, Orion looked up from the book he was reading. A smile swept across his face.
'You look beautiful.'
He stood up and took her in his arms. Slowly he curled his finger beneath her chin. Gently he lifted her mouth to his and kissed her. His tongue wandered into her mouth. She arched against him, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. As they pulled away, he smiled at her, happy that he could make someone else happy, a woman no less.

Dionne sighed and rested her head on his chest. She felt Orion's long bony fingers stroke her hair. Slowly she became transfixed on the flame of a nearby candle. It was so beautiful and relaxing. Suddenly she felt a nibbling at her throat. She turned her head slightly and, out of the corner of her eye, she could just see Orion gently biting at her skin.

'If you're hungry, just take some,' she said.
At the instant she finished saying the sentence she felt Orion plunge his fangs into her skin. She cried out, the pain racing through her system.
Soon, though, she had relaxed, enjoying being held and listening to Orion's quiet lapping. His tongue tickled and, in this drunken like state, Dionne laughed. Slowly, Orion pulled away, blood trickling from his fangs.

He pulled Dionne into his arms so he could look into her soft brown eyes. At the same time, Dionne saw the blood on his lips and closed into kiss him. Orion let her, enjoying these tiny bursts of pleasure that she gave him. He was so in love with her and he couldn't believe it.

Dionne knew that there was a first time for everything including the first time that they would make love. It was a dark, quiet night when it happened. A deathly hush had fallen over the city. Dionne sat in the window of the bedroom, watching the lights twinkle in the canals far below her. 

Candles burnt all around her and she felt relaxed. Orion was lying on the bed, reading a book. Every few seconds the hush was broken by the sound of a turning page. Dionne looked over at him and suddenly realised how attracted to him she was. Tonight, her sixth sense told her was going to be the night that she would become his. 

Kneeling on the bed beside him, she moved the book he was reading. Bending over him, she kissed him on the mouth. She felt him respond to her kiss, his hands reaching out to pull her close. Orion knelt up and pushed her onto the bed. He carried on kissing her. Dionne arched against him, desperate for pleasure.

Her ex had never loved her like this and Dionne was scared that she would wake up to find that Orion had been a dream. She opened her eyes to find that Orion had moved over her.
'Tonight,' he whispered, 'I'm going to make you mine.'
Dionne smiled and reached out, linking her arms around his neck. She pulled his mouth to her throat. 

Seconds later, she felt his fangs enter her throat. She cried out as the pleasure and pain she'd become so used to coursed through her body. Her hands pulled his mouth as close to her skin as possible, willing him to drink. Eventually Orion pulled away. Dionne moaned and tried to pull him back but Orion stopped her.

He sat up and lifted his wrist to his mouth. As he sunk his fangs in, Dionne winced. Slowly, he held his bleeding wrist out to her. Dionne stared at it for a second, curious, before taking his arm in her hands and attaching her mouth to the wound.

As she lapped at the blood, Orion flinched slightly. Dionne looked into his eyes, noticing the compassion he had, like a parent looking at a small, wounded child. Eventually, Orion withdrew his arm. Gently he curled his finger under her chin and lifted her eyes to his.
'You're mine now,' he whispered.

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