The Vampyre's Kiss - Part Three

- A November/2003 Special Feature -

by Moonlight

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Gently he held her in his arms while her body went through Armageddon. Eventually, the process complete, Dionne relaxed in Orion's arms, exhausted. They didn't speak to each other, just enjoyed each others company.

Soon the first rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon. Dionne quietly watched the first few minutes of her last sunrise before turning towards Orion.
He held his arms out to her. She walked over to him and collapsed into his arms. Within seconds she was asleep, warm, comfortable and loved.

The next evening, the moon rose over Amsterdam, lighting the way for the city's population of vampires. Orion had decided that it was time for the vampires of Amsterdam to meet their newest resident.

Orion and Dionne walked through the city, in silence. Orion reached out and took Dionne's hand in his. She looked at him and smiled. He realised that she was having to get used to a whole new life, new smells, new senses. It wasn't easy. Unfortunately, he'd forgotten what it was like to be a new vampire.

Dionne looked around herself and suddenly realised how sharp her senses were. She could hear people in buildings, read their thoughts and emotions. It was scaring her and she shrank back against Orion. Orion looked down at her, smiled and wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders. Dionne held onto his fingers and, in a loving gesture, gently kissed them. She was so in love and she was enjoying every moment of it.

Eventually they reached the theatre. As with a few nights ago, Orion had called the city's vampires to a meeting. He wanted them to meet Dionne. His only fear was that they would reject her. Walking through the dark, winding corridors, they reached the stage. Gently Orion lead her out. 

He watched as Dionne blinked slightly in the candle light, her soft brown eyes searching.
'Remember,' Orion started, 'how I called you a few nights ago. I told you that our family is dying. You also know that almost two hundred years ago I lost my one and only love. Well, I found her again.'

Gently he pulled Dionne forward to join him. Dionne seemed scared. Orion squeezed her hand.
'This young woman, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest addition to our family.
Her name is Dionne and I expect you to treat her with the same respect that you treat me because she is, after all, my companion.'
Orion looked, for a moment, at the vampires gathered before him before turning and leading Dionne off the stage. His senses told him that all was not right. He had a feeling that they weren't going to adapt well to Dionne.

Off stage, Orion gently held Dionne in his arms. He freed one hand and gently tickled her under her chin. Slowly, he moved around her neck and scratched her. She seemed content and relaxed, unlike him. He was anxious, knowing that they weren't going to accept her into their family. His fingers ran across tiny, healed lumps on her throat; the marks of his previous entries.

Slowly he lowered his head and kissed her; his Dark companion, the two of them, together forever. Suddenly, a noise behind him startled him into pulling away. He turned around to see some of the other vampires standing a few feet away. All of them wore looks of hostility on the faces. Dionne had obviously recognised this and pulled herself close to Orion. Orion moved slightly in front of her, protecting her.

'Why,' one of them asked, 'did you bring her here?'
'I made her my companion,' Orion echoed the speech he had made earlier.
'Orion, she is not worthy to become one of us,' said another.
'Let me ask you this: were you ever worthy to become a vampire?' Orion asked, 'No. Leave us.'
'But look at her, she's so young. Why'd you take life from her so early?'
'Because it had to be done,' said Orion, 'And because we both needed someone to love.'
They carried on looking at Dionne and Orion with looks of hate and disgust.

'We'll make sure you pay for this Orion,' the first one said.
Orion just looked at them, his expression never changing.
'Lay one finger on her and you'll live to regret it,' Orion whispered.
With that, Orion gently led Dionne out into the quiet night.

Outside, Dionne collapsed into tears. Orion held her close, gently comforting her.
'They don't like me, do they?' she finally asked.
'They just don't like change that's all,' he replied, 'They'll get used to you. They'll have to.'
Orion took her hand and they began to walk back towards his apartment.
'Until then, I'll keep you safe.'
Dionne looked up into his eyes, a smile on her lips, totally trusting him.
'Thank you,' she whispered, 'for loving me.'
Orion stopped and looked down at her, the love he had for pulsing through his once dead heart.

They began to walk through the city, hand in hand, back to the apartment. Dionne gently stroked Orion's long bony fingers. She was so in awe of this man. Everything about him amazed her. And now she was his forever.

Eventually they reached the apartment. Orion pushed the door open and led his companion in. As the door creaked shut, he pulled her into his arms. She seemed so tiny in his embrace, so tiny and fragile. As he stroked her face she closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the touch. Orion smiled with her. He felt his hunger growing, his fangs extending over his lower lip.

He lowered his head and buried his mouth in her throat. He heard Dionne's cry as his fangs sunk in. As he drank, the sound of their breathing escalated, almost orgasmic. Eventually he pulled away. As he did, Dionne collapsed in his arms, her blood level way too low. Orion swept her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. 

Lying her on the bed, he quickly opened a bottle of blood. Pouring some into a glass, he slid one arm under her head and lifted her mouth to the glass. Dionne's eyes rolled open and slowly she regained consciousness. She looked at him, a sleepy, drugged look in her eyes.

'I'm sorry,' whispered Orion, 'I keep forgetting you need to drink too.'
Gently he reached out a hand and stroked her face. She was tired and weak and all she wanted to do was rest. Orion gently took her in his arms and let her sleep. As she slept, he smiled. He could tell that she was dreaming by the way her facial expressions kept changing. He felt himself smiling at her.

Nights came and went. Dionne found her love for Orion ever growing.
They spent their nights in the city. Orion taught her to hunt, teaching her who to stalk and drink from. Then, one night, it happened. . .

Dionne knew that something was wrong when they'd arrived at the theatre an hour earlier. She stood at the edge of the stage, watching her beautiful companion. He was dressed in a long black velvet robe, which was cris-crossed with patterns of gold. Suddenly, he turned to her and looked
straight into her eyes.

'Dionne,' he said, 'come here.'
Dionne was hesitant and scared, fearing the worst. She looked at Orion, holding his arms out to her. Slowly she stepped forward, her dress rustling on the floor. As she stepped into Orion's arms, he wrapped them tightly around her. She could feel his warm breath on her hair. His fingers were crawling under her chin, lifting her eyes to his. She looked into his deep brown eyes, feeling herself drowning in them. Slowly he kissed her. 

But the kiss was cut short as she felt Orion's claw like ring puncture a vein in her throat. Dionne screamed in agony and tried to pull away but she was too slow. Orion had attached his mouth to the wound and was lapping at the blood. Dionne struggled but she was powerless against him. His grip on her was harsh and painful, unlike the times before. As he finished, he pushed her away from him. Dionne slipped and fell to the floor.

As she sat on the floor, curled up in fear, she looked up into his eyes. His eyes glistened with what could have only been pure evil. Dionne was too frightened to say anything but Orion spoke anyway.
'You may as well be quiet,' he said, 'for it is not the first time or the second, that your veins have appeased my thirst."

Dionne felt tears of bewilderment, hurt and anger stream down her cheeks. Obviously the love that Orion had given her hadn't been for real, just an evil plan to bring her here and turn her into this. . .a blood drinking monster of the night. Slowly she got to her feet, looking at the audience through her tears. Heartbroken, she left.

Outside, she leaned against a wall and cried. Eventually, she dried her eyes and walked away. She felt alone. None of the other vampires had accepted her and now Orion wanted nothing to do with her. Eventually she found a bench by a canal and sat down. Dionne knew that sunrise was only a
few hours away. It would be a quick and easy way to end the pain.

She watched the moonlight bounce off the water. Her mind relaxed. She thought back to Orion and how he told her that he'd loved her. Bastard, she thought.
But suddenly her thoughts were punctured by a familiar voice.
'Dionne,' the voice said.
Dionne stood up and swung round. Orion stood a few yards away. He looked as beautiful as ever but Dionne only felt pure hatred for him. 

He approached her, holding out a hand. Dionne backed away. 'Stay away from me,' she hissed.
'Dionne, I'm sorry,' whispered Orion.
'Stay away from me,' she hissed again.
Orion looked hurt. Tears trickled from his eyes.
'I didn't mean it,' he whispered.
'Then what did it mean?' Dionne demanded.
'I don't know,' Orion lowered his eyes.

'You hurt me.' Dionne stared straight at him, 'you broke my heart. How am I ever supposed to trust you again?'
Orion looked at her, eyes bloodshot with tears.
'I love you,' he whispered, 'I want you to love me again. Please.'
Slowly Dionne walked up to him and wrapped him in her arms. Both of them broke down crying, their love for each other conquering all.

That morning, Orion slept beside her. The heavy curtains were drawn against the early morning sunlight. Orion was propped up on an elbow, watching her sleep. He was exhausted but he had the energy to watch Dionne. His precious princess. Gently he reached out a hand and gently stroked her face. She stirred slightly under his touch.

Orion smiled to himself. Obviously no one had ever considered her to be beautiful but to him, she was the world, his light in the darkness. He watched her chest slowly rise and fall, her breathing shallow. A sleeping beauty.

The next evening, Dionne awoke and found that Orion had already woken. Slowly she got out of bed and wandered into the main body of the apartment. Orion was sitting at a table reading. He looked up and smiled.

Slowly he got to his feet and held his arms out to her. Dionne let a smile creep onto her lips and stepped into his arms. Orion rested his head against hers and let his breath escape over her hair. He was happy, happier than he'd been in many years.

'I love you,' he whispered.
Dionne looked up into his eyes.
'I love you too,' she echoed his words.
Orion curled his fingers beneath her chin and was lifting her mouth to his when the door burst open. Both Orion and Dionne swung around.

In the doorway stood the slayers. Behind them, stood some of the other vampires.
One of them stepped forward.
'It's time to die, Orion.'
Orion looked at them before looking back at Dionne. She clung to him, fear in her eyes. She was shaking. Orion gently stroked her hair, comforting her.

'You brought a mortal among us. Now it's time for you to pay.'
'You've never felt love, have you?' Orion asked.
They looked at him, staring straight through him.
'I brought Dionne among us because she needed someone. She needed someone to love and believe in.'

'That could be so,' the vampire said, 'but last night, did you not try to kill her? What possessed you to do that to your so called love.'
Orion lowered his eyes.
'Madness,' he said, 'I had no idea what I was doing. We all go a little mad sometimes.'
'Madness it may be,' said the vampire, 'but it has come to our decision that you must die.'

Orion looked at them, his eyes alight with anger.
'I am your sovereign, I make those decisions.'
'Not any more,' said the vampire.
He turned to the slayers.
'Take him away.'

The slayers stepped forward and dragged Orion's arms behind his back. They ran a chain around his neck and down to his wrists. Orion knew he had the power to escape but he didn't even bother trying. He knew that it would do no good anyway.

Slowly he lifted his eyes and looked at Dionne. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She lifted a hand out to him, wanting to touch him. A vampire stepped forward and pulled her back.
'Let her go!' Orion screamed.

They just looked at him. Slowly, the slayers began to lead Orion towards the door. He turned to take one last look at Dionne. She was being restrained, tears staining her face. As he was marched down the stairs, he heard the vampires begin to lead Dionne after them. She was going to witness his execution.

The execution procession slowly made its way through the city. Dionne's eyes were constantly on her beautiful companion. Orion's step never faltered as he was led closer and closer to his place of death. The tears that Dionne cried kept on coming. Why were they taking him away from her? She wanted to know. But the black clothed vampires weren't even looking at her let alone talking to her.

Eventually, they reached an underground crypt, the place of Orion's passing from immortality. Hundreds of other vampires had gathered in anticipation of the upcoming execution. All of them hungry for death and blood. There was a pillar in the centre of the chamber.

The slayers chained Orion to it, leaving his throat exposed. Dionne was standing nearby, her eyes saddened with tears. A vampire stepped forward. A long, sharp knife hung from his hand. Candle light bounced off it. The vampire stepped right up to Orion. 

Their eyes were on a par, the vampire looked deeply into Orion's gentle brown  eyes. Fear glinted in them and slowly a tear escaped from his eyes. Slowly he lowered his eyes from the vampire's.
'Orion,' the vampire said, 'you have been accused of bringing a mortal among us. You took her from her life too early and now you must die. Do you have any final words?'

Orion looked up at Dionne. He felt the emotion welling inside him and he did his best to fight it.
'Dionne,' he said quietly, 'I love you more than anything else in this or any other world. When I die I won't be gone; I'll be in your heart. And I'll be watching over you as your guardian angel. I love you.'

And with that, the vampire plunged the knife deep into Orion's heart. There were two ear piercing screams. One from Orion and the other from Dionne. Orion's body crumbled into a dust. The vampires left, leaving Dionne to her grief.


No - one knows where Dionne is but she is still alive, searching for her lost love. She has travelled the world: London, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Brussels, Tilburg, Paris, constantly searching for the perfect love that she once knew. Once in a while, she finds another but knows that she cannot fall in love because of a broken heart.

Her mourning period is prolonged. She has considered ending it many times but knows that this would be betraying Orion. So, if you ever meet a young woman with sad brown eyes and a broken heart, think about loving her and letting her  take you into her world. Immortality is a long time to be alone.

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