The Vampyre's Kiss - Part One

- A September/2003 Special Feature -

by Moonlight

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Somewhere, in the depths of the city, a clock struck midnight. A door in the square creaked open and a well dressed gentleman stepped out into the rain and darkness. He was dressed in a long red velvet robe which in turn was covered by a long custom made coat. The robe brushed the floor but the man was totally oblivious to it.

His ebony walking cane clinked on the cobbles. On the thumb of his right hand was a claw like ring which hung over the end of his finger like an extension. His long dark hair shimmered in the moonlight. Orion looked up at the moon before setting off into the depths of Amsterdam.

In another house in another part of the square, Dionne slept, curled up with her cat. The glow from her computer threw shadows across the walls. Dionne stirred and woke up. Tiredly, she got out of bed and walked to the window. Pulling the curtains aside, she peered out into the darkness of the square below. 

She watched someone walk across the cobbles. She had seen him before and from previous sightings she knew that he only came out at night. He was a very enigmatic man and Dionne knew very little about him. She didn't even know his name. People in the square gossiped about him, saying he was the devil and that he drank the blood of young virgins. 

Dionne dismissed it as the idle gossip and folk stories of the old. Maybe he was alone and maybe he liked it that way. She looked across at the desk where her computer sat. A sketch pad lay by the computer. On the open page was a drawing of the man that was now disappearing into the centre of the city.

Orion paused for a second and looked up at the young woman that was looking down into the square. For a second, their eyes met and something passed between them. Some unseen but not unheard message. Orion lowered his eyes and carried on walking.

"We, the offspring of the night, are being hunted and slayed like animals."

As he carried on, deeper into the heart of Amsterdam, he passed other people all dressed in Victorian attire. All tilted their hats or curtseyed toward him. Orion nodded towards them. He walked tall and proud, he was obviously from a wealthy family.

The moon glistened from the sky, bouncing off the now quiet water of Amsterdam's canals. After a long walk through the dark winding streets he eventually reached his destination; an old theatre. Quietly, he slipped down a side alley and walked into the theatre via a side door.

The back stage area of the theatre was dark. The only light came from candles placed in alcoves along the narrow, winding corridors. Orion swept through tiny back corridors, past other performers, all of them dressed in Victorian clothes. His presence was obviously felt; he was very important.

Someone handed him a glass of red liquid - blood. Orion drank it in one and laid the glass to one side before stepping out onto a lowly lit stage. Candles at the foot of the stage provided the only light. People sat in pew like seats, all eyes focused on the stage and Orion. Quietly, slowly Orion gazed at the people, almost in wonderment at the vast numbers. Eventually he spoke.

Orion spoke with a wonderful voice tinged with a beautiful European accent. 
'Ladies and gentlemen,' he said, 'I've called you together tonight for an important reason. We, the offspring of the night, are being hunted and slayed like animals. Our family is diminishing. We must work fast if we want to be the master race. So, my dark companions, work fast, for time is short. Bring as many as you can into the our circle of darkness.'

The people in the audience stared at him in some mysterious wonderment.
'That will be all,' said Orion, 'I shall leave you to your evening's entertainment.'
He smiled slightly, not quite showing his sharp, pearly white fangs, before turning and leaving.

Backstage he was stopped by a member of the audience.
'Orion, sir,' she said, 'will you not be staying to watch?'
Orion shook his head.
'I am deeply sorry,' he replied, 'but I have important business to attend to.'
He smiled at the lady and left via the door that he had arrived through a few moments earlier.

Back out in the dark street, he took a few moments to savour the night. He looked up at the sky, hoping to see the stars but they were hidden by the orange glow from the street lights. He quietly cursed the people of the 20th century for inventing them.

He remembered in his earlier years, being in the country and spending the nights sitting, looking at the stars. He remembered how beautiful they'd been, like glittering diamonds in the sky. 

... above all, he knew that she was interested in him. 

He shook his head slightly, pushing away the memory. It was bad to remember. The past held memories, both good and bad. He'd lost his one true love to the slayers almost two hundred years ago. He knew that there was no other woman on this earth that could replace her. He knew; he'd tried. 

Slowly, he began to walk on. His sensitive hearing picked up the noise of humans from a few streets away. He didn't feel like going through there tonight. He didn't particularly need blood at this exact moment in time and if he did, he wouldn't go there.

The people were unruly and drunk, their blood would be laden with alcohol which didn't make for pleasant drinking. So he tried to miss that part of the city all together.

But he did know somewhere where he could get fresh blood. The young woman that lived across the square from him. He had seen her watching him on a number of occasions. He knew that her name was Dionne and that she was an immigrant from England. She'd followed her Dutch boyfriend over here and then it had all fallen apart. He knew she was lonely, he could feel it in her heart. But above all, he knew that she was interested in him. 

All he had to do was to lure her out. But she was human and he was vampire. She slept during the night, he slept during the day. He began to plan something that might just work.

The next morning Dionne woke up to sound of her cat, Toby purring loudly in her ear.
'Yeah, yeah,' she said with an English accent, 'I'm coming.'
She tiredly climbed out of bed and headed into the kitchen, an excited Toby following. Taking a half empty tin of cat food out of the fridge, she looked out of her window. This view was of another row of houses, not very interesting.
'Puss,' she yelled, 'Toby. Come and get it.'

No response. She went to find the cat. She found him in the hallway standing over an envelope. Toby scuttled off into the kitchen to find his breakfast. Dionne picked it up and looked at it. Her name was written in beautiful script handwriting.


Slowly, almost cautiously, she slid a finger under the flap, slicing it open. She pulled out a folded piece of paper. There was a strange, indescribable image in the top right hand corner of the page. The writing was the same as on the envelope. It read:

I would like to take the pleasure of inviting you to dine with me 
Meet me by the fountain at 21:00


Dionne stared at the paper for a couple of seconds. She'd never had an invitation like this before. Was it someone she knew? No, it couldn't be. She worked from home and didn't have that many friends. Looking out of the window and staring at the fountain, she wondered who Orion was? Well, she had all day to wonder.

The day slipped by slowly. Dionne became impatient until it was time to leave. Eventually, dressed in a long green velvet dress, she left her apartment, locking the door behind her. She hurried down the stairs and out into the square. Looking around herself, she saw a shadow under the trees.

Slowly she approached the shadow. The shadow walked out to meet her. She gasped as it dawned on her that he was the man she'd been watching for so many months.

'Dionne,' he said.
'Yes,' Dionne replied.
'I am Orion.'
Dionne looked at him, his long hair sweeping his shoulders, and smiled.
'Thank you,' he said, 'for coming to meet me tonight. I have seen you on many nights, looking out into the square.'

He offered his arm to her. She hesitated.
'Have no fear,' he whispered, 'I won't harm you.'
Dionne smiled and linked her arm through his. Orion looked down at her and smiled, being careful not to show his fangs. Slowly he led her into the city and away from her apartment.

Dionne lifted the glass to her mouth and sipped at it. The liquid was warm and had a sweet taste to it. 

They walked deep into the city in near silence. Dionne realised that she felt no fear with him. Eventually, she asked him,
'Where are you taking me?'
'A surprise,' he said.

They turned down a dark winding alley. It was a sudden change from the wide streets that they'd been walking along. Gas lanterns jutted out from the walls, yellow and orange flames flickering. Dionne instinctively drew closer to Orion. Orion looked down at her, smiled slightly and added a gentle, reassuring pressure to her arm. Eventually they turned into an open door.

The room was almost deserted except for a few people. All of them were dressed in Victorian dress. A man stood behind a bar, polishing glasses. The place was lit by candles, creating a soft, intimate feeling. 

The whole atmosphere of the place was Victorian. Dionne felt like she'd been transported back in time. As she walked arm in arm with Orion, people discreetly looked at them and quietly whispered in hushed tones. Dionne looked at them, a little scared. Orion gently led her to a table in the corner and pulled the chair out for her. She sat down, smoothing out her dress as she did. Orion sat opposite her. Slowly he smiled.

'So,' Dionne said, 'why did you bring me here?'
'I saw you,' he said, 'looking out of your window. I know that you're alone. I know what it's like, to be alone. I want to help your loneliness.'
Dionne smiled.

'Thank you,' she whispered, 'for thinking of me.'
Two glasses and a bottle arrived at their table. The waiter bowed and left. Orion poured a thick red liquid into the glasses.
'You must try this,' he said.

Dionne lifted the glass to her mouth and sipped at it. The liquid was warm and had a sweet taste to it. She watched as Orion sipped at his glass of wine.
'Where did it come from?' she asked.
'A far Eastern country,' he replied, 'you won't have heard of it.'
Dionne smiled at him and carried on drinking.

The evening slipped away quickly and Dionne was disappointed when it was all over. As he accompanied her to her door, she turned to him.
'Will I ever see you again?' she asked
'Of course,' was his reply.
Before he left, he pulled her close and gently kissed her throat. 

Dionne gasped as she felt a tiny prick but she didn't want to pull away. She was attracted to this man and she didn't know why. She felt safe and secure in his arms; she never wanted to leave this embrace. 

Eventually he pulled away, still holding her in his arms, and looked into her eyes.
'I'll see you later,' he whispered before turning and leaving.
He let her go. Dionne reached out as he left, desperate to have him back.

As Orion reached his door, he turned to take one last look at Dionne.
He could see her, through the trees, watching him from her window. He could sense her loneliness and heartbreak. Quietly he sighed and opened his door just as the first rays of sunlight crept over the horizon.

...on both nights, that no - one ate, not even themselves.

In her own apartment, Dionne collapsed on her bed, exhausted. As she was slipping into a deep sleep, her computer beeped. Dionne sat up and rubbed her eyes. A 'You Have Mail' screen-saver rolled across the screen.
Dionne ignored it and fell back onto her bed.

Her dreams were tormented with the beautiful Orion. Images of her evening with him twisted through her mind. Dancing, drinking, walking but most of all, the end of the evening, being held by this enigmatic and beautiful man. 

She just couldn't get him out of her dreams, he was always there, waiting for her. Eventually she woke up sweating, her breathing heavy. Something, deep in her mind, told her that he'd be waiting for her tonight.

Again, the day slipped by slowly. It was a routine of feeding Toby and herself, working on the website for her latest client and answering the heaps of mail she received from her own website.

Eventually, the sun began to set and Dionne knew that it was time again. She dressed again in the green velvet dress. Before she left, she admired herself in the mirror. The dress was gothic, blending easily with the clothes that Orion wore.

Her boyishly short hair was brushed back from her face but occasionally it fell into her eyes. She smiled, her soft brown eyes smiling with her. She left the apartment. As she headed down the stairs she could hear Toby meowing behind the door.

There she was. Orion watched Dionne move across the square heading in his direction. Tonight he was wearing clothing made of the darkest midnight black velvet, a change from his robe from the night before. As she reached him, he slipped off the long frock coat that he wore.

'There's a chill in the air,' his soft voice said, 'I don't want you to get ill.'
'But. . .' said Dionne.
Orion placed a long bony finger over her lips.
'I'll take no refusal.'
Gently he slipped the coat around her shoulders. Then he took her hand in his and, as the night before, led her deep into the heart of Amsterdam. Dionne became comfortable in his presence. As before, she felt no fear being with him. He had some mysterious and powerful hold, his every move and every word enchanting her.

They walked down dark, winding alley's away from the main body of the city and into a dark underworld.
'Where are we going tonight?' Dionne enquired.
'A surprise,' he said.

A few moments later, Dionne found herself sitting in a quiet, private room at a very classy restaurant. Dionne could never remember seeing it anywhere and concluded that it hadn't been open for very long. But the whole feel of the place was Victorian. The staff and guests were all dressed in Victorian dress, the decor of the rooms was also Victorian and the manners of everyone was Victorian. 

Dionne felt a little scared but just looking into Orion's eyes helped wash it all away. A bottle sat between them. It was the same red wine as the night before, warm and sweet. Dionne had noticed, on both nights, that no - one ate, not even themselves. She hadn't seen or smelt any food and she wasn't sure what to conclude from this.

Orion slowly poured the wine into the glasses and watched, transfixed, as Dionne drank. He wanted to make her his, a creature of the night. Maybe, he thought, maybe she is my lost love. As she put her glass down, he reached out and took her hand in his, gently stroking her fingers.

'What do you think,' he asked, 'of my world?'
Dionne smiled.
'It's beautiful,' she replied.
Will she love me, he thought, love me even though I am undead? He knew that only time would tell but he knew that later on he would have to tell her. But right now, he was enjoying having his loneliness taken away. He felt something stirring in his dead soul.

Later that night, Dionne found herself in some kind of crypt, dancing with Orion. Candles lit the dark, dank walls and she felt comfortable in his arms. As they danced, Dionne felt Orion become more comfortable in her arms.

Subconsciously, she knew she was doing something to this beautiful man. Like awaking in his dead soul. Dionne had no sense of time, she was just enjoying spending time with someone who was paying her attention.

'Drink,' he said in his soft voice...

Orion looked deep into Dionne's eyes and smiled. He watched as she smiled back at him. He knew that tonight he would have to tell her about him.
About him being a vampire. It wouldn't be easy and he was scared of how she'd react. What if she turned and left him? He decided to put that out of his mind and just enjoy the evening.

As the evening began to draw to an end and morning was just around the corner, Orion and Dionne walked back to the square hand in hand. As they crossed a bridge which arched over one of Amsterdam's many canals, Orion stopped and pulled Dionne round to face him.

'Dionne, I have something to tell you,' he said.
She looked at him, her soft brown eyes fixed on his. He paused but eventually he managed to say what he needed to say. 
'I'm. . .I'm. . .I'm a vampire,' he finally managed to stumble, 'last night, I took some of your blood.'
Dionne just carried on looking at him.
'I know. And you expect me to turn around and leave you, don't you?' she asked.
Orion nodded.
'I'd never do that. I want to get to know you for who you are not what you are. I like you and I want to get to know you.'

Orion smiled, showing his fangs. Dionne returned his smile, warm and welcoming. Orion reached out one arm and pulled her close. His other hand slid around her face and he gently kissed her. Dionne let him, never wanting it to end. Eventually it had to end. They pulled away and looked into each other's eyes.

Dionne smiled gently before reaching out a hand and tenderly stroking his face. He savoured her touch, closing his eyes. Slowly he opened them. Dionne was still in his arms, her own arms now wrapped around his waist. It was a quiet tender moment and Orion never wanted it to end. 
Slowly he released her and took her hand. Dionne did the same and they began to walk back to the square.

As they approached the square, Dionne didn't want to leave Orion. Orion must have sensed this because they went straight to his apartment. He didn't falter as he led across the cobbled square and towards the building.

Orion led her through the front door and up the narrow, winding stairs to his apartment. Quietly he pushed the heavy wooden door open. It creaked inward and Orion led Dionne in.

Once inside, Dionne looked around herself. The place was beautiful and was very different from her light and airy apartment. It was dark and gothic. Drapes hung from the walls. There were no electric lights just twisted candle sticks. The orange flames flickered against the wall, adding an atmosphere. Orion almost floated through from another part of the apartment.

In his hand he held a silver goblet studded with jewels. He swept over to Dionne and held out the goblet.
'Drink,' he said in his soft voice.

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