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- October 5, 2003 - Monthly Newsletter  - Issue #4 - Pls FWD -


Hello reader!

From this month on, I thought that it could be a good idea to share with you my points of view and the reasons behind the choices of our articles.

This site has been existing for only 5 months, this newsletter for 4, but both have already passed through many changes, both in looks and in features, as attempts to offer you the most attractive and interesting contents every issue.

The reason why I decided to run this site, is because I'd like to reach out to others and share my opinions with anyone who could be interested in them and with the help of some of my friends, I've been managing to do so.

The purpose of this site is to show to you other aspects of this culture that we all love, and that most of the times are ignored or barely talked about.

Some of the subjects presented every month may be well known to you, as this month's Music section that has a biography of the hottest Finnish Rock band of the moment, H.I.M., and the library section that has the life story of the great writer Anne Rice.

Or the Movies section that presents the story of the movie "Wolf" that features Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer among other very good actors.

Then there are the subjects that are less talked about or that everyone hears about, but sometimes don't know exactly what they are.

An example of the first case is this month's Visual Arts biography of Gustave Doré, the man who created the Gothic imagery as we know and an example of the second case is the Incubus and Succubus legends, that is this Month's Subject.

This issue is also special, because I have the honor of presenting you a new Goth Rock band from L.A. which is quite good called DoZEN DoSES. You can read about them in the words of its own vocalist and check out their site to download their songs.

There are other novelties that you can see on the right bar and that together with all the other features, I hope you'll enjoy as much as we all enjoyed making them.

We all wish you a very good month and a good entertainment in our site.

Until next time!


An 80's Horror Movie Story In A Book

Darkness, Tell Us by Richard Laymon 

by Marion Phillips

This book has a horror story that's like many horror movies from the 70's and 80's used to be: filled with gore scenes, a killer that torments a group of students that go to a far away place and an ending that is as murky as the rest of the story. But it can be fun for those that love a more traditional kind of horror.

The story starts in a party in a college teacher's house, in which six students, three guys and three girls, decide to play with an Ouija board - for those who don't know it, this is a board covered in numbers and letters in a circle, that is used to call to ghosts.

They manage to contact a ghost through it, and it tells them to go to Calamity Peak, a place in California, to reclaim a "4-t-u-n-e". The teacher goes against it but ends up joining them with her lover.

That's when the gore starts, as the teacher and her lover are murdered and all the six are threatened by a madman with an ax. Other elements are thrown in the story to add more suspense and terror, like a family secret of one of the students, a skeleton and some other revelations.

Laymon died in 2001, and this is one of several stories of his that have been released since.

The Secrets Behind A Witch Trial

Speaks the Nightbird, Volume I : Judgment of the Witch by Robert McCammon

by Marion Phillips

After a hiatus of ten years McCammon publishes this story that unlike the books that made him famous, all King-like horror stories, but a historical story with much mystery and paranormality.

The story happens in Colonial America, in 1699. The magistrate Isaac Woodward and his assistant Matthew Corbett are called to judge a witch trial, in which the young widow Rachel Howarth is accused of murder, affecting the weather and other charges that have been driving the settlers away.

In spite of the pressure of the town government for the criminal to be executed soon, Corbett is led to believe that the woman is innocent. During his analysis of the case, he finds out that there are many inconsistencies in the accusations and testimonies and that there are certain people who would benefit from her death, including some very important people in the city.

This book is compelling and very detailed and it takes us to a trip to the first period of American history. McCammon was careful enough about it to use a Shakesperian-like language for his characters. But all this meticulousness doesn't compromise the pace of the story and doesn't make it tiresome.

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  • Month's Subject:
    Incubus And Succubus Legends - Learn about these medieval sexual legends, 

  • Music:
    H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) - The hottest Finnish band of the moment,
    DoZEN DoSES - A new Goth band from L.A. that has everything to get big soon

  • Library:
    Anne Rice - The most famous Horror writer of later years 

  • Movies:
    Wolf - Jack Nicholson is bitten by a wolf and has an affair with Michelle Pfeiffer  

  • Visual Arts:
    Gustave Doré - The man who created the Gothic imagery and who illustrated Dante Allighieri's Divine Comedy


  • 3 new illustrations added to the Image Gallery and a new feature: now you can read excerpts of some of the best poets and writers of all time alongside the images,

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