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by Bernhard Marshall - September 5, 2003

brotherhood of the wolf posterThe "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" movie, is a film filled with beautiful scenes of European landscapes and images naturally sensuous and intriguing. 

Of course there's horror, the killings are violent and there's always a great suspense built on the way the killer never is revealed, not until the last moments.

But this 2001 movie shows so many captivating images that sometimes it looks more like an adventure movie than like a true horror one.

Also expect some very exquisite fight scenes in which the fighters act more like Oriental masters of some martial arts movie than like Frenchmen fighting in the 18th century. Blame Matrix's directors for making Kung Fu so popular in movies!

The Story

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf movie was based in a 2 centuries old French legend about the "Beast of Gévaudan", who was a being, - something into a werewolf - that in the 1760's killed mainly women and children in a small town in the French countryside. The "being" description is only a superficial one, because people just didn't know how to describe the killer any better.

samuel le bihan - brotherhood of the wolfThe numbers of victims kept growing frighteningly through time until they crossed the mark of 200 people attacked.

The stories about these murders spread not only through the country but also through the entire continent, and King Louis XV felt compelled to send two inspectors to try to solve the case.

But for 3 years more, the beast continued to kill and always escape the inspectors. Then Britain and France were facing another stupid war, this time for the right of possession of the lands in the New World, and the British king laughed at the French king, saying that he couldn't even capture a wolf imagine winning a war against him.

So King Louis XV ordered a bad-looking wolf to be captured and killed and had it parade through the streets of Paris, in an attempt to put an end to the jokes and general comments.
But the killings went on…

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf movie has several sympathetic characters like Mani (Mark Dacascos), who is an Indian warrior, from the extinct tribe Iroquois, and who became friends with the rich nobleman and adventurer Gregoire de Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan) and went with him to France.

monica belucci - brotherhood of the wolfFronsac, by the way, is a complex character divided between the love for two women, the aristocrat Marianne (Emilie Dequenne) and the courtesan Sylvia (Monica Bellucci), one that represents innocence and the other who represents danger and sensuality.

The director Christophe Gans, said once that the Brotherhood Of The Wolf movie is about how people with progressive ideas, end up being taken by racism and fundamentalism, but that even so the film doesn't have a message…

It's a good entertainment for cold nights when nothing else seems attractive and only a good movie can send the boredom away.

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