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 by Marion Phillips - September 5, 2003

inkubus sukkubusInkubus Sukkubus is considered the main Pagan Rock band of the world and one of the best of the Goth scene.

Their trajectory has been of continual growth and success since their beginning at the end of the 80s.

The First Years

Everything started at 1986 when Tony McKormack found himself without a band after the end of the Goth Punk group The Screaming Dead. He tried other projects for two years, among them the bands The Resurrection and the Night Creatures, but none of them went on.

In 1988 he went to study graphics design and in the school he met Candia. As they had similar interests in Paganism and mysterious matters, and she also had former experiences with music, they decided to put up a new band called Belas Knapp.

Starting the cycle of adaptations in the band, they changed its name to Incubus Succubus (spelled this way). Their main objective was and is to propagate the Pagan culture to the world.

One year later, they released the single "Beltane", which received some promotion from the local radios, but suddenly afterwards the band split up. McKormack and Candia formed the band Children of The Moon, they recorded some songs that were well received by the Pagan public, and that eventually formed the album "Beltane", and in 1991 the name was changed back to Incubus Succubus.

They did a small tour in that year and in 1992 they released the album "Belladona & Aconite", which brought them more fame in the British underground scene. By 1993, they were being courted by independent record labels and although in 1994 they re-released "Belladona" on Nightbreed Records, they released "Wytches", in the same year, on Pagan Records label.

They started to tour regularly from 1993 on, sharing the stage as headline or taking part in festivals with bands like Nosferatu, The Damned, The Mission, Danzig, etc. Around 1994, their fame had spread to other parts of Europe and America as well.

In 1995, they signed with the Resurrection Records label and released the "Heartbeat of the Earth" album. It was in that year that due to numerological reasons they decided to change the spelling of the band's name to Inkubus Sukkubus and whether for this reason or for another, their success reached new heights.

Reaching The Top Of The Mountain

As the Inkubus Sukkubus started to use a drum machine and synthesizers in their shows, the haunting sound of the band in their studio songs started to be reproduced live, giving a new dimension to live presentations. Their drummer started to play bass, his main instrument, and they continued to use the Celtic instrument bodhran, which always gave their music a special quality.

In 1996, they appeared in TV shows and toured through Germany and Belgium. Also in that same year, their first album "Beltane" was released on CD due to the insistence of fans.

candia - inkubus sukkubus Next year some of their songs appeared in compilations like the 3rd and last Vampire Guild release "What Sweet Music…RIP", which featured the single "Vampyre Erotica" and the Siouxsie & The Banshees CD tribute, in which the Inkubus Sukkubus version of "Spellbound" was featured.

Still in 1997, six months after McKormack and Candia's son was born, they headlined a convention in London called Vampyria, and released their 5th album "Vampyre Erotica" that brought more somber tunes than the former albums.

1998 was the year the Inkubus Sukkubus took part in several festivals in both sides of the Atlantic. They took part in New York's The Bank, toured in Belgium, played in a medieval castle in Poland, took part of London's Sacrosanct festival and Vampyria II, Whitby's Symphony of Shadows and did a show in New Orleans in the Halloween's day. A new CD was released too, this one called "Away with the Faeries".

Another tour was done in 1999, in which they played in America and many countries of Europe and one more album was released, called "Wild". In 2000, McKormack released a CD with his old band Screaming Dead and later on both bands toured UK and Germany and also took part of the Whitby Gothic Festival. More shows followed in Greece and France and also they released the Inkubus Sukkubus' 8th album "Supernature".

In 2001 they made appearances on BBC Channel 4, toured UK and supported Marilyn Manson in the M'era Luna Festival to a public of 20,000 people. The album "Supernature" was in the top ten of the Goth Chart for almost a year.

They are currently working on a new album.

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