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The Witch Hunter Meets The Witch Master

Book Review One - The Law of Three - M. R. Sellars

by Marion Phillips

Rowan Gant is a witch who acts as a police consultant in murder cases involving the paranormal. He lives in St. Louis and in spite of his good deeds he has as an enemy a dangerous religious fanatic and sociopath called Eldon Porter, whose "mission on Earth" is to kill every witch he finds on his way.

Rowan and he already confronted once, and the killer was considered dead but not for long. This time his only wish is to destroy Rowan as he did with the other witches, using methods taken from Inquisition treaties.

But the police found out that Eldon is alive and told Rowan and his wife to hide in a safer house. To force them to show themselves up, Eldon tortured and killed a member of Rowan's coven and Rowan felt compelled to join the investigation of his friend's murder in spite of his boss not wanting to allow him to help in the investigation, because of his friendship with the victim.

Rowan ends risking his own life to save that of another fellow coven member who falls in the hands of Eldon.

This book is well written and thrilling, it shows many details about the Wicca religion and is a sequel of other books published by Sellars with the character Rowan Gant as its star.

Lost Between The Fangs And The Paws

Book Review Two - Cerulean Sins - Laurell K. Hamilton
by Marion Phillips

In this sequel to Hamilton's series of horror fiction, one of her main characters, the vampire minion, federal marshal and supernatural specialist, Anita Blake, has to solve a serial murder case and in the meantime deal with problems in her private life and with the undead rivalries.

She has an affair with the Master vampire of St. Louis, Jean-Claude, who is facing problems with one of the most important vampire leaders of Europe, Belle Morte, who sent an emissary to him, asking him to give back one of her vampires that has become Jean-Claude's lover.

Back to the murder case, her boss doesn't want Anita to help in the investigations, in spite of the probabilities that a supernatural being was involved in them, because he's feeling uptight with Anita's deep involvement with the immortals.

Still she has to solve the crimes' mystery, avoid the death of her beloved vampire master Jean-Claude and deal with an unfinished relationship that she has with an Alpha werewolf called Richard.

Expect several sex scenes, lots of jokes and good humor in the most unexpected situations and a very intricate plot - as you certainly noticed.

This book has a very good story and it's the sequel of the "Narcissus in Chains" novel, which was the 11th book featuring Hamilton's character Anita Blake.


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