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Most recent changes to the KCAR web site

Updated Who Page Description
3/10/2008 4:30PM TEB Calendar Updated March launch & meeting changes.
3/10/2008 4:30PM TEB Links Updated the Links List.
Removed "" link & now defunct Net Rings.
3/10/2008 4:30PM TEB Minor Touching Up To the members list.
To the reports index.
2/27/2008 9:55PM TEB Member List Updated the Members List.
2/27/2008 9:55PM TEB September 2007 Launch report Added a launch report for the September launch.
2/25/2008 9:00PM TEB Hall of Fame Updated the Hall of Fame.
2/25/2008 9:00PM TEB Members Updated the members list - still incomplete.
2/25/2008 9:00PM TEB Calendar Updated with the 2008 launch & meeting schedule.
2/25/2008 9:00PM TEB The News Updated the news.
2/25/2008 9:00PM TEB Home Page Updates Added the new web site information
8/8/2007 9:00PM TEB 2006 Oct. Report Updated the 2006 October launch report.
8/7/2007 9:24PM TEB Reports Index Added April 2007 and May 2007 launch reports
4/10/2007 9:30PM TEB Reports Index Added September 2006 and March 2007 launch reports
4/10/2007 9:30PM TEB Meeting Minutes Added January 2007 meeting minutes
4/10/2007 9:30PM TEB Calendar Updated calendar with known events and dates for the year.
4/10/2007 9:30PM TEB September Meeting Minutes Added minutes for the September meeting.
4/10/2007 9:30PM TEB News Year in review.
1/11/2007 5:30PM TEB Calendar New Year updates.
9/9/2006 5:30PM TEB Calendar Monthly updates. Added directions to Roosterville.
8/8/2006 3:00PM TEB Reports New report for the June/Cub Scout launch.
New report for the Project Restoration make & launch.
New report for the July High Power launch.
New photos for the Parkville Rocket Science Day.
8/8/2006 3:00PM TEB Links Added a link to the Columbia site.
6/1/2006 9:30AM TEB Links Updated broken links, added a link to the EMRR site.
6/1/2006 9:30AM TEB Calendar Added new event: Space Camp.
Added a new column "Events" and changed "Theme" to "Information."
Monthly updates.
6/1/2006 9:30AM TEB Reports New report for the Civil Air Patrol launch.
New report for the Clardy Science Club launch.
New report for the Crestview Elementary launch.
New report for the May club launch.
Added a page of photos for the Cub Scout Make & Take.
5/18/2006 9:30PM TEB Calendar Added two new events: Crestview Elementary and Project Restoration.
5/3/2006 9:50PM TEB Calendar Monthly updates.
Added Cub Scout Make-it Take-it event
Added Civil Air Patrol May Bivouac

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