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Model Rocketry Related Sites

Rocketry Associations:
The Canadian Association of Rocketry
The Independent Association of Rocketry
The National Association of Rocketry
Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.

Nearby Rocketry Organizations:
Colorado Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists

Illinois Northern Illinois Rocketry Association
Central Illinois Aerospace

Kansas The Kansas Organization for Space Modeling (K.O.S.M.O — NAR section 427)
The K.O.S.M.O Launch Schedule
K.L.O.U.D.Busters, Inc. (Kansas Lower Orbital Unmanned Delegation — Tripoli Prefect #34)
K.L.O.U.D.Busters Launch Schedule
Teeniemünde Rocketry Club (Tripoli Mo-Kan — Prefect #101)
Teeniemünde Launch Schedule

Missouri Columbia Rocket Club
St. Louis Rocketry Association
Teeniemünde Rocketry Club (Tripoli Mo-Kan)

Other Rocketry Related Links:
Model Rocket Safety Code
Rocketry for Education presented by Apogee Components
EMRR — Essence Model Rocket Reviews
4H Aerospace Education Page
Model Rocket Discussion Group
Frequently-Asked Questions
Jim Z's Rocket Plans
NAR Technical Services
Buy Rockets! A Buyer's Guide
Rocketry Online
Realtime data tracking (ISS, shuttle flights)
KCAR Home Page

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Last updated: May 19, 2006