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2008 Meetings and Events

2008 Meetings
Date Time Location Program Presenter Notes
January 19th 2:00PM Trails West Library Elect officials and set the calendar

March 8th 5:00PM Meeting on the field or at Minsky’s after the launch.

May 17th 2:00PM Trails West Library

July 12th 2:00PM Trails West Library

September 20th 2:00PM Trails West Library

November 8th 2:00PM Trails West Library

Meetings may not be held at a location other than the library this year.

2008 Launches & Events
Date Time Event Location Information
January 19th 11:00 AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park Polar Bear Launch
February 23rd 11:00AM Club Launch Pattonsburg Field Polar Bear Launch
March 8th 11:00AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park Postponed one week due to weather.
April 26th 11:00AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park
May 24th 11:00 AM Contest Launch Shawnee Mission Park Events: D-Eggloft Altitude, 1/2A Rocket-Glide Duration, B-Streamer Multi-Round, Set Duration of 50S
June 28th 11:00 AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park
July 19th 11:00 AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park
August 23rd 11:00 AM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park
September 27th & 28th 10:00AM Contest Launch Shawnee Mission Park Sport Scale, D-Boost Glide Duration, A-Super-Roc Altitude, Open Spot Landing
October 4th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Parkville Rocket Science Day Parkville, Missouri Sponsored by: HMS Beagle — Tentative Date
October 26th 10:00AM—4:00PM Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park
November 15th
11:00 AM
Club Launch Shawnee Mission Park Thanksgiving Launch
* Date(s) may change due to weather!

Launches typically run until 4:00 or 5:00 pm depending on weather and demand. Check this page before each launch for the location and launch status. For last minute updates, dial 816-810-0758.

There is a $5 launch fee per adult or family per day for non-KCAR members (accompanied youth fly free), and a $3 launch fee per person or family for KCAR members. In both cases the launch fee is good for an unlimited number of launches that day.

Since we launch in an open field be prepared to protect yourself against sunburn and insects. You might want to also bring chairs and/or tables. We launch through the lunch hour so you may also want to bring food or be prepared to drive somewhere for lunch.

When we launch at New Mark Middle School (106th and North Oak) or Shawnee Mission Park we are limited to a launch weight of 453.6 grams (16 oz.) with no more than 113 grams (4 oz.) of propellant.

When we launch at the Tickwood Ranch, we usually have a waiver to 6000 feet so we can launch larger rockets (currently up to about 5 pounds — limited by our launch equipment) and larger motors (up to an I — limited by the club’s cummulative experience which is growing all the time.) If you wish to launch something heavier than four or five pounds you must bring your own suitable launcher.

We use FRS channel 14 with CTCSS tone 15 for range operation. FRS (Family Radio Service) radios are relatively inexpensive, require no license, and can be purchased at almost any store that sells sporting goods.

Meetings are normally held at 2 P.M. at the Trails West Branch of the Kansas City Public Library (11401 E 23rd St, Independence, MO).

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Last updated: March 10, 2008